Featuring the buzzy brand’s latest homeware collections, La DoubleJ just opened its first homeware shop-in-shop at Bloomingdale’s in NYC. We checked in with the Milanese brand’s founder, J.J. Martin, for her inside take.


BREAKFAST: A freshly made Dr. Linda Lancaster Liver Cleanse: 1 lemon and orange, both peeled; 1 peeled garlic clove; 1 inch peeled ginger; 2 tbsp each of olive oil and flaxseeds; 1 cup of water, all blended in a Vitamix.

WAKE-UP TIME: I sleep with the shades up so I get up with the sun, wherever in the world I am at that moment.

DOPPELGANGER: Kali, the Goddess of creation and destruction

NEMESIS: All white walls

ESCAPE: Passalacqua on Lake Como

WEAKNESS: No verbal filter and American-made cupcakes

UNIFORM: I rarely leave the house without a print on, but these days, I’m usually breaking it down with our new La DoubleJ jeans, a jacquard jacket and Nike Air Jordans.


LAST MEAL: All the vegetable plates on offer at Le Lune Ristorante nel Vivaio, a little plant nursery in the hills above Florence.

FAVORITE MOVIE: Crazy, Stupid, Love

MENTOR: Lelama Sjamar, my multi-dimensional spiritual teacher

PET: Pepper, my Italian pug

BEST ADVICE: Whatever is happening in your life is occurring for your benefit. So, no matter how uncomfortable you feel, look for the lesson in it and how you can grow your own consciousness.

MANTRA: “Raise Your Vibration” all the way! It’s our company motto.

ON THE PLAYLIST: George Michael, Adele, Dua Lipa, Ricky Nelson (I’m blaming my boyfriend for that one)

STREAMING NOW: Tom Kenyon lectures on YouTube

FAVORITE APP: Hi Note, for wonderful personalized text messages

FAVORITE PAINT COLORS: Dirty shades of saffron, rose, and sage

TABLETOP ESSENTIAL: Color! In the form of fresh flowers, DoubleJ rainbow Murano glasses, our Napoli porcelain plate set and, if it’s a coffee table, the Mamma Milano book.

SOULMATE: The Arcturian star system

BOOK AT BEDSIDE: Does the giant, original papyrus of the Egyptian Book of the Dead that hangs above my bed count?

THEME SONG TO YOUR LIFE: “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers

SIGNATURE DESIGN STYLE: A (hopefully) harmonious mix of pattern, print, textures, and uplifting color

FAVORITE WORK OF ART: An unnamed Franco-Flemish 15th-century millefleurs tapestry hanging in the Moshe Tabibnia

NYC INSPIRATION: The menu at abcV and the crystals (as well as the consulting) at Xilonen, run by my friend Mayra Hernandez Gonzalez

3 DESERT ISLAND ESSENTIALS: My traveling altar, a cave, and a frigid water source for morning cold plunges

YESTERDAY: Morning meditation, dog walk, editing the new collection for fashion week, designing a new Portofino pop-up space, planning a Sisterhood activation in Palm Beach, dinner of quinoa and roasted vegetables.

ZODIAC: Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon, Virgo Rising. It’s hardcore.