The world today is a busy place. Speed is currency and immediacy is valued above all else. This begs the question, is there space for traditional craftsmanship in a world that is preoccupied with haste? Jewett Farms + Co. believes there is.

From their large cabinet shop in the woods of York, Maine Jewett Farms + Co. intentionally rejects the ‘faster is better’ mentality and carefully selects the joinery methods and materials that are individually suited to each kitchen they build, resulting in a carefully made, long-lasting cabinetry.

JF believes there are benefits to moving more slowly. Waiting can allow the time to make thoughtful decisions. This is important in design, where we interact with the results of those choices on a daily basis. If cabinetry is going to last a lifetime then it's important that the design will also stand the test of time.


Jewett Farms + Co. takes great satisfaction in designing and building cabinetry that perfectly fits the needs of every client. Each project is unique from start to finish, and all custom details such as custom spice drawer inserts, vented vegetable drawers, and integrated cutting boards are made in-house from scratch. In the kitchen cabinetry world if you want something immediately then your choices are limited to what has already been produced. If you want something that is custom-built, it won't be waiting for you in a distribution warehouse.

Cabinet makers who have learned the skills of traditional joinery and developed knowledge to build things from the ground up are a key part of creating extremely high-quality end products. JF prioritizes their cabinetmakers and values their ability to develop a rounded skill set, hone skills, and become a master of their craft. Beautiful cabinets made by skilled human beings take time and careers in craft develop over the course of years.


Jewett Farms + Co. also values innovation and the implementation of technology, a walk through their cabinet shop shows many machines and computer-programmed tools. In 2023, the modern craftsman needs to be skilled in traditional methods and modern equipment. The key is having the knowledge to identify what parts of production need a skilled human touch and where to find efficiency without sacrificing quality. And that can be seen in JF’s exhaustive knowledge of cabinetry and joinery.

Their ethos of craftsmanship is the backbone of who Jewett Farms is and how they build things. They see themselves as philosophically different from those who build mass-produced products. Jewett Farms + Co is deliberately different. Their approach to constructing cabinetry begins and ends with quality and respect for craftsmanship.