Monica Wehbi, founder and owner of Foscari Interiors in Upper Kirby, has always been about building dreams. As a female entrepreneur, she’s built a business, and as a mother, she’s built a family. She’s always loved buildings, homes, and structures, and even at a young age she watched and wondered how things grow from imagination into reality.

Wehbi built Foscari interiors herself, but she’s now expanded leadership to a partnership with her son Joaquin Olaverria. Backed by a dedicated team, Foscari specializes in ultra-luxury interior projects centered around kitchens, bathrooms, closets and custom organizational systems. They source the latest and most high-end retailers and manufacturers to deck out spaces using premium surfaces, custom-built cabinetry, and appliances by the likes of Miele and Smeg.

Being a female in the design, architect and construction world comes with challenges. Men dominate the industry, and women have to prove themselves and hold their own. Wehbi strives to be humble, but she also knows the power of confidence and a firm hand when necessary. Though she’s been in the industry for 30 years, she’s constantly growing and learning. “I think about it as if I am an apprentice. I am always learning.” Whether that’s picking up tips from construction partners and workers on a job site, or working with visionary designers, like her son, she’s always ready to expand her visions and grow her knowledge.

“I’m drive by possibilities,” she says. “I love creating spaces in which my clients can live their dream lives. Their vision becomes a reality with our help.” Native_Nov_21_(1).png

Monica is especially proud of the recent release of The Closet Collection by Foscari. This collection seamlessly blends traditional design elements with modern aesthetics. A beautiful combination of contemporary simplicity and traditional sophistication all while being minimal and luxurious. This unique collection combines character and function with a touch of European flair. Always at the forefront of technological innovation and design research, Foscari offers systematic solutions in which aesthetics, comfort and functionality coexist in perfect balance.

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