No one in Atlanta knows more about the transformative power of lighting than Maggie Bailey of Edgar-Reeves.

Maggie Bailey, owner of Edgar-Reeves Lighting

Renovating and remodeling have taken center stage in the last year—but don’t forget about simple, impactful fixes like lighting that don’t come with inflated timelines and hard-to-meet construction schedules. Maggie Bailey, owner of Edgar-Reeves Lighting, can help you transform your space with her lamps and fixtures and, most importantly, vast inventory of shades.

Bailey and her husband, Matt, purchased the 25-year-old business in 2017, and she has been with the company since 2013. In recent years, Bailey has heavily skewed the inventory toward shades to meet customer demands, whether that be stock or custom. (She even did a collaboration with The Galleries of Peachtree Hills neighbor artist Sally King Benedict.)

Silks, linens, paper, grass cloth and more can be kitted out in a variety of shapes ranging from contemporary drums to rectangular shades, in any size imaginable. “We also offer repair services and custom bases and can even adapt objects into lamps,” she says. Most recently, Bailey has noticed an uptick in “colors, details and patterns. … We are placing trim on tons of shades,” she says. “Our patterned shades are selling like hotcakes, and our hanging shades, wow! They’ve been rapidly gaining exposure and popularity.” Also hot are sconces: in particular, candle clip shades from Fermoie have been in demand.

But where Edgar-Reeves really shines is custom: “If you have an old vase that has sentimental value, we can adapt it into a lamp; if you have special fabric, we can do a custom shade. We recently converted a massive bird and tree sculpture into a lamp for a client. We even converted a fabric from a DockATot into a lampshade. The options are endless. The great thing about lighting is that it not only has the ability to capture your style, but it also provides purpose.” The Galleries of Peachtree Hills, Ste. 16,