How being a world traveler has influenced the career of one of Florida’s top real estate brokers.

The city of Miami has made a name for itself. With its world-famous beaches, fine dining hot spots and unique cultural backgrounds, Miami differentiates itself from the rest. Being one of the largest metropolitan cities within the United States has resulted in a booming real estate market.

Broker Ivory Cooks has worked within the real estate community for 33 years, with his primary market being mostly in Coconut Grove and Coral Gables. Not only has Cooks been a part of Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® for his entire career, but he’s also on the board of directors for the Master Brokers Forum, an organization of South Florida's elite residential real estate pros.

“I think the best thing about selling real estate is that it is an art,” says Cooks. “When it comes to luxury real estate, ‘one size’ does not fit all. I think it is important to tell the story behind the property that we are trying to sell.”

Besides his passion for real estate, Cooks has found a love for travel. He believes traveling has resulted in a more successful career path. Throughout his career, he’s managed to make long term connections with clients all over the world.

“I have traveled to 66 countries, and I have had clients from all parts of the world,” he says. “I think people that own luxury real estate want an agent who is as worldly as they are. Being a world traveler has given me knowledge, skills and great ideas when it comes to selling luxury.”

So how has Cooks managed to stay so successful? The Miami-Dade resident believes social media has impacted his career in a positive light. Cooks has been able to promote his work virtually, resulting in clients all over the world. Since the pandemic, Cooks has also noticed a surge in demand for luxury homes and condos. “Buyers are ever more expecting five-star amenities, as well as a dedicated workspace.”

Cooks has bought and sold numerous luxury properties in South Florida for his clients, including a 4 bed/5-bath luxury Miami home for $2.3 million and a 5-bedroom Coconut Grove home for $2.5 million.

Apart from his experience, Cooks believes most of his success is due to his personable traits. “I believe my clients see my sincerity and genuineness above all,” he says “They feel I am the type of real estate agent that is going to be both truthful and honest when it comes to discussing their future home.”

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