Alisa Kapinos

Looking to host an unforgettable event? Need to spruce up your personal space, or maybe just refresh your wardrobe? Fashion, home and garden stylist Alisa Kapinos Goldberg has the style tips and tricks to help you stand out from the crowd.

Today, she shares with us her techniques for crafting a perfect floral arrangement to celebrate Mother’s Day or any special day with friends and family. Follow her on Instagram and check out her website for more.

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Florals? For Mother's Day? Groundbreaking.

As a mother of three young kiddos (11, 8 and 3 years old), Mother's Day is always a really fun day on which we get the family together, write cards, gift flowers, have a big brunch or dinner, and just hang out as a family.

Alisa Kapinos

To me, Mother's Day isn't so much about the gifts, as it is simply about spending time with the special women in my life—and when it comes to gifts, I think simple and thoughtful are the way to any mother's heart.

With Mother's Day quickly approaching, I wanted to share some ideas of what you could gift your Mama on this special day.

I've been a fashion stylist for almost 20 years, but these last seven years or so, I've been lucky enough to parlay my creative talents into home design and decor, designing floral arrangements and creating magical tablescapes for celebrations and events.

This Mother's Day, why not create a beautiful tablescape for your brunch or dinner? It adds beauty to any room or space, and the floral arrangements double as a take-home gift when the day’s celebration is finished.

To create the perfect tablescape, you'll want a clean, fresh tablecloth or table runner as a base. Decorate the table with taper candles in candle holders. Set full place settings for each diner with plates, glasses, silverware and napkins, then finish the look with three to five small flower arrangements.

Now, let's talk florals!

It's one thing to gift an already put together bouquet, but why not spend some time with mom, sister or kiddos and make the arrangement(s) together?

Stop into your local grocery store or floral boutique and grab a few different flowers that will look nice together. If you're feeling stuck, there is always a floral expert that will be happy to help out with color and quantity choices—not to mention, they usually have a great selection of affordable vases as well.

When you get home, put each type of floral in a separate vase; so one color of a rose goes in one vase, another color of rose goes in another vase, tulips go separate in a third vase, etc.

When the ladies are ready to start, have a few pairs of scissors on hand, warm water in each empty vase, and maybe even an inspirational photo that you can reference while arranging.

Set it up almost like a workshop, where everyone has their own vase in front of them and easy access to every type of flower.

When you're done, those little arrangements can be the centerpiece to your beautifully-set tablescape. If you’re dining at a restaurant, simply bring your arrangements there! When everyone is departing, each mama can take an arrangement home with them.

What a truly special gift it is to not only give the gift of flowers, but also the gift of spending fun, quality time together surrounded by flowers.

If you have any questions on tablescapes or floral arranging, please feel free to reach out to me on my Instagram. I'd love to help!

Happy Mother's Day to my mama, the very special women in my life, to the new mamas, to the experienced ,amas, to those whose mamas are no longer with them, and to the mamas who cannot wait to become a mama themselves. We celebrate all of you!