Founded by LeTricia Zogheib (formerly Wilbanks) and Selena Mackay, Houston’s leading design firm Wilbanks Mackay (The WM) transforms both residential and commercial environments into customized, luxury spaces with a modern feel. Their shared love for expertly appointed spaces paired with their individual backgrounds in creative careers establishes these two women as leaders in the national interior design scene.

Having industry experience both in modeling and furthered education in Interior Design, Zogheib’s background beautifully compliments Mackay’s extensive training, and previous award-winning career, in Fashion Design. “As business partners and co-creatives, we rely on one another for ideas, feedback and continued collaboration,” says the dynamic duo.


Each client’s unique project is intended to personify and amplify who they are. The beautifully appointed interiors of The WM are sumptuous, alluring and capture an elevated sense of a client’s personal style. As the design firm continues to garner widespread acclaim and record breaking metrics, they’ve recently made a pivotal company move.

In 2023, the duo has chosen to work closely with one of Houston’s top custom home builders, Layne Kelly Homes. In conjunction with renowned architectural designer JD Bartell, the firms are producing expertly crafted, thoughtfully designed homes that are furnished down to the finest detail. These turnkey, luxury residences will set a new precedent in the city’s real estate market. Zogheib and Mackay emphasize this exciting venture: “The idea is unprecedented, enables us to fully express our creativity in many venues, and has driven us to develop our own collection of fabrics and home furnishings.” Houston’s homebuyers should keep their eye on these new upscale projects’ release dates this year.

To learn more about The WM, visit online at the-wm.com or on Instagram @wilbanksmackay.