Architecture firm Stelle Lomont Rouhani sought to ensure the needs of its clients were met through every step of the design process.

The design of the main floor is meant to be like a paillion, with doors and screens disappearing into pockets.

When tasked with creating a home that caters to the entertaining desires of a family, architecture firm Stelle Lomont Rouhani oriented its plan around collaboration in all facets: The homeowners, the interior design team, the builders and the brands it chose to furnish the home with all play an integral part. The very essence of the home exudes a sense that every little detail was planned; custom flooring from Barrasso & Sons and Southampton Floors brightens the entire space and complements the furniture and design. D’Apostrophe, Field Fabrication and more provide outdoor furniture that creates a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living, and vast windows surrounding the exterior of the home are expertly placed. Architect Michael Lomont and team kept the clients’ lifestyle and vision for their new home at the forefront during the entire design process. “One such example, we built outdoor furnishings where the upholstery required storage but the furniture pieces themselves were made from exterior materials and could live outside year-round,” says Lomont.


Outdoor furnishings were built to live outside all year round, while only the upholstery requires storage.

The homeowners also placed immense emphasis on keeping their home as sustainable as possible, desiring low-maintenance but high-functioning materials to synthesize the powering of their abode. Stelle Lomont Rouhani’s team hired GreenLogic to install solar panels to the home, maintaining an innate energy consciousness within the modern, minimalist design.


Floor-to-ceiling windows allow for seamless indoor-outdoor transitions.

Every thought that went into the design was periodically reviewed by the entire team involved, which Lomont says “enabled the development of realistic design aspirations, project objectives and solutions.” Although the aspirations of the home were vast, the space was able to achieve aesthetic perfection through teamwork.


In tune with the clients’ requests, all-season entertaining is made easy with indoor-outdoor areas like this one.