With the launch of Colour 4 from its popular Colour series, Harlequin challenges consumers to own their room through a balance of nature’s essential elements.

In celebration of the gentle flow that Mother Earth has upheld since the beginning of time, Harlequin’s Colour 4 series presents a collection of wallpapers and fabrics that depict nature’s classical elements, in an exciting and conceptual way. As part of the Sanderson Design Group portfolio, Harlequin aligns with the quintessentially British luxury brand’s mission to “bring the beautiful into people’s homes and lives”—doing so in this series through four signature looks: Renew, Rewild, Retreat and Reflect. Comprised of 27 wallpapers and 37 fabrics, this collection adds to the already elevated repertoire of Harlequin.

Originally founded as a wallpaper company, Harlequin has always embraced its roots by mastering flamboyant, statement-making wallpapers featuring creative finishes, new-age techniques and mouthwatering hues. The word itself means “varied in color or decoration,” this encompassing all that the brand wishes to put out in the world, empowering decorators to express their individuality through color and design. The launch of Colour 4 gives the creator access to nature’s abundant beauty and all-encompassing color via their interiors, thus bringing in inspirations that allow our carefully designed ecosystem to flourish. Flora Daly from the Harlequin studio explains, “We wanted to create a collection that had a more mindful approach to design, translating nature in its purest form onto paper, with every piece of artwork hand-painted in the studio. As Cézanne once said, ‘Art is harmony parallel with nature.’ I hope Colour 4 resonates with our customers and they’re able to transform their interiors into immersive, soothing and perfectly balanced spaces.” 351 Peachtree Hills Ave. NE, Ste. 508, adacatlanta.com; harlequin.sandersondesigngroup.com


Embodying the element of air, Renew aims to put forth an uplifting narrative through its pieces. A throughline of blues characterizes this set, with an elegant and ethereal feel created through the intricacies of subtle design decisions. Screen_Shot_2023-02-13_at_2_14_47_PM.pngRenew from the Colour 4 Series; PHOTOS COURTESY OF HARLEQUIN


Rewild is an ode to the earth—its babbling brooks, graceful trees and powerful soil. Expect layered bursts of rich pigments and untamed indigenous pattern that refreshes our minds and interiors.

RewildRewild from Colour 4 series; PHOTO COURTESY OF HARLEQUIN


Water is vital for all life. Its versatility and adaptability allow it to perform important chemical reactions that create the beautiful flora and fauna that cover this earth. Retreat is a celebration of the lush green that water fosters.RetreatRetreat from Colour 4 series; PHOTO COURTESY OF HARLEQUIN


Featuring kimono-inspired prints, Reflect represents the element of fire. Fire is universally accepted as the catalyst for civilization, thus, this not only draws upon fire’s palette of charcoals, grays and oranges, but also represents humankind—seen through architectural influences and traditional design.ReflectReflect from Colour 4 series; PHOTO COURTESY OF HARLEQUIN