A sleek vacation retreat on Brickell Key features tasteful neutral color schemes with clean lines and smart solutions, offering the ideal contemporary living experience for its owners.

A Lindsey Adelman light fixture hovers above a table and chairs from Harmony Studio in the dining room, awash in a moody navy blue. Photographed by Gabriel Volpi


Nestled within the idyllic island enclave of Brickell Key, amid first-class beauty, lies a 1,570-square-foot residence that takes contemporary living to new heights. Placing a premium on creating a space where elegance and functionality could harmoniously coexist, Guimar Urbina, of Guimar Urbina Interiors (guimarurbinainteriors.com), shares that she and her team wanted the interiors to enrich every element of her clients’ lives—a key component of her design ethos. “From hidden doors to thoughtful kitchen and bathroom features, every aspect of this design has been carefully considered to reflect this philosophy and enhance the overall quality of life within the home,” Urbina says. Overlooking the Miami River, Downtown, Brickell and Brickell Key, the residence called for a sophisticated mix of neutral color schemes with gilded accents that would allow the views to shine. “We’ve strived to design an environment that resonates with the residents’ lifestyle, values and aspirations,” she says, “ultimately making their house not just a place to live but a place to truly call home.”


Wallcovering and draperies by Guimar Urbina Home, distributed by The Wallpaper Company, envelop the living room, featuring a Lazzoni sofa, a coffee table and chair from Harmony Studio, and a rug from The Rug Company. Photographed by Gabriel Volpi


Setting out to create an elegantly modern space for the owners’ ultimate ease and fulfillment, Urbina and her team embarked on a complete redesign, tending to the architectural details and reimagining the condo into a quintessential relaxing retreat that displayed creative ingenuity and practicality. Not without challenges—like low ceilings and a lack of closet space—the primary bathroom presented significant obstacles due to said low ceilings and a request to feature both the tub and shower enclosed within the same shower door. “This innovative design concept posed several logistical and technical hurdles that we had to navigate,” Urbina says. “The result was a stunning and functional space that met and exceeded the client’s expectations, showcasing the dedication to excellence that defines our design approach.” The kitchen also served as one of the most pivotal spaces for the team. “Facing a challenge with limited space in the apartment, the team embarked on a transformative journey,” Urbina shares. With a complete redesign including selective demolition of certain areas and skillful spatial adjustments, the mission was to create an environment that exuded elegance and maximized functionality. Floating shelves and smart cabinetry solutions provide ample storage options while keeping the kitchen feeling sleek and uncluttered.


Crystal and gold pendants from Lumens add a touch of glam in the kitchen along with custom-made cabinetry by Florense and sleek countertops from Iberia Tiles. Photographed by Gabriel Volpi


Urbina and her team worked to create a truly bespoke living space through custom millwork and by sourcing the ideal furnishings, light fixtures and accessories. “Our goal was to curate a selection that complemented the overall aesthetic and added character and uniqueness to each space within the project,” Urbina says. “We combined a mix of carefully selected ready-made items with custom-designed elements to achieve the desired look and feel.” Each of these unique pieces helped capture the essence of the design while achieving the homeowners’ wishes. Urbina designed a specific area in the entry foyer ideal for a statement-making art installation, adding a touch of color to the overall elegantly muted interior. It’s an example of the apartment’s wow factors along with the entry’s vertical slats and a floating console, and the powder room’s bronze door. “The details,” Urbina says, “take center stage and leaves a lasting impression on anyone who enters the space.”

A dash of blue on the bed from RH pops against Guimar Urbina Home’s wallcovering from The Wallpaper Company in the primary bedroom. Photographed by Gabriel Volpi


All the while, the homeowers remained first and foremost. “The creative process for this project involved a client-centered approach, a focus on a neutral color palette with modern elegance and golden accents, and the integration of functional design elements like hidden doors to meet the clients’ privacy needs while maintaining an elegant and cohesive aesthetic,” Urbina says. Knowing her clients’ desire to entertain, Urbina strategically incorporated pops of color throughout the space along with innovative materials, such as leather-textured wallpaper from The Wallpaper Company. Each detail conjures a sense of happiness and relaxation. “These elements collectively created an interior that fulfilled our clients’ desire for a contemporary, elegant and functional living space,” Urbina says. The result: a simply sophisticated oasis in the heart of Miami.

The foyer boasts custom millwork, mirrorwork and a floating console. Photographed by Gabriel Volpi





Brickell Key


Guimar Urbina Interiors



The freestanding tub in the primary bathroom is from Vintage Tub & Bath. Photographed by Gabriel Volpi



Chair and coffee tables in living room, table and chairs in dining room, and bedside tables in primary bedroom



Kitchen countertops and porcelain tiles in bathroom shower



Kitchen pendants



Rug in living room



Guimar Urbina Home wallcoverings and draperies in the living room; wallcovering in the dining room, primary bathroom and primary bedroom



The kitchen incorporates several clever storage solutions including cabinetry that conceals and open shelving. Photographed by Gabriel Volpi