U.K. brand Graham & Brown has announced its 10th annual design and color of the year, and the results do not disappoint.

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121466_New_Eden_Emerald_122484_New_Eden_Emerald_Roman_Blind_ADELINE_CC_080-092_Bathroom_Main_2.jpgThe team has been focusing on the “utopia trend,” or creating a space led by design that feels welcoming and accepting to all. Thus, the brand has named NEW EDEN their 2024 design of the year and VIRIDIS their 2024 color of the year, both of which blur the lines between rooms that can be both inside and outside.

121466_New_Eden_Emerald_121208_Opulence_Emerald_Curtain_ADELINE_CC_080-092_Lounge_Main.jpgDesign of the year NEW EDEN was inspired by the Japanese art of Omotenashi and is a forestscape full of hidden treasures, pops of color and organic shapes. We love the yellow, orange and pink tones, which add variety to the emerald tree canopies, exotic bird life and rocky terrain.

VIRIDIS_CC_080-224_COTY_2024_Cameo_1_Square_2000px.jpgVIRIDIS_CC_080-224_COTY_2024_Main_Roomset_1_Square_2000px.jpgColor of the year VIRIDIS is a muted green that is both complex yet flexible. Its balanced hue adds depth to a space and works in both small cozy spaces and large-scale rooms. Reminiscent of verdant landscapes, it's the perfect choice for rooms that transition from the outdoors in. Both NEW EDEN and VIRIDIS are available now.