Fifty Hotels & Suites by Affinia in partnership with world-renowened artist Jason Naylor opened "The Dream Room" to help guests escape the hectic city atmosphere to a fantasy world. The Dream Room NYC

Inside the unique and imaginary "The Dream Room" at Fifty Hotels & Suites.

Affinia Hotels & Suites is offering a new kind of sleeping experience with “The Dream Room”. The eccentric and colorful suite reflects a dream-like scape with neon signs, cosmic inspired art and whimsical murals and quotes along the walls. The one-bedroom suite is adorned with three terraces, all focused on transporting you from the bustling city atmosphere to a fantasy world.

Affinia Partners, known for their ‘home away from home’ experience, teamed up with distinguished artist Jason Naylor on this project to create something truly out of this world for guests. Located in the Fifty Hotels & Suites by Affinia, “The Dream Room” truly transports guest to a dreamy space. Naylor’s projects tend to be brightly colored and feature optimistic messages about human emotion, and in this case—dreams. Naylor has received international fame including the Golden Novum Design award and two CLIO Fashion & Beauty Bronze medals as well as being featured on HGTV and the Discovery Channel.

For even just one night, you can escape into this whimsical reality in “The Dream Room” and immerse yourself in a rainbow of colors and murals that reflect the night sky. In addition, $50 from every booking will be donated to The Jed Foundation in effort to prevent suicide for young adults and teens and promote emotional health.