Daniel Kinkade's eponymous firm, Daniel Kinkade Fine Art (danielkinkade.com), provides professional art consultation services for interior designers, architects and private collectors on an international scale. His client list runs the gamut, from national brands like Starbucks and Nordstrom to Chicago-based companies Nate Berkus Associates, Joffrey Ballet and Boeing. Here, Kinkade gives us the scoop on what artists he's most excited about this fall.


Lyle XOX, “CDG Mint Green Animals”

“This is one of the freshest visual voices I’ve come across in years. If you’re looking for beautiful avantgarde, this is it.”


Janna Watson, “Toss Some Rose Petals”

“Her pieces are full of emotionally charged abstraction powered by graceful movements and thrilling to the eye.”


Abdulhamid Abdalla, “MMXXI”

“A Syrian German artist, his work somehow beautifully combines the contrast of a desire for peace, modern culture and social taboo.”


Jane Puylagarde, “Tableau 4”

“A Parisian at heart, her work is current and fashionable yet classic to stand the test of time. Each droplet of paint is painstakingly planned in advance, resulting in a breathtaking composition of monochromatic sensuality.”


Zack Smithey, “Jeweled Twain: Mark Twain Series”

“One of my favorites I’ve collected myself, Smithey’s work is pop meets politics meets slick abstraction and wit with just enough humor. He has a way of elevating cultural icons in a new way.”


M. Clark, “Rudy”

“A graphic designer by training, her work combines strong shapes and strokes with luxe materials like gold and silver pigments. The reflective and bold quality speaks to me.”


Tina Cartier, “She Just Needs”

“Dynamic, vivid and bold. She creates pieces based on street art with her interpretation of feminine voices and girl power. It’s sexy and strong.”


Stefan Johansson, “Fluttershy”

“Based in Sweden, Johansson’s work is a stark reaction to the muted Scandinavian design of today and yesterday. I love his use of color and how he saturates a canvas with paint—it just makes me happy.”


Leslie Busker, “Noir et Blanc No. 1”

“Busker’s work is full of thoughtful emotions, raw texture and sensual figures based in a neoclassical nature. Pretty meets pensive.”


Stefan Heyer, “Future Artifacts I”

“He says his works use abstraction and language to represent his dreams. I can see that and deeply appreciate the soft yet multilayered sophistication in his work.”