Making the ultimate power pairing, interior designer Nina Magon and Eduardo Cosentino, CEO and EVP of global sales of Cosentino NA, check in to discuss the brand, the latest buzz and their new collaboration—the Dekton Onirika Collection.

The Dekton Onirika Collection in Trance PHOTO COURTESY OF BRAND
The Dekton Onirika Collection in Trance

Eduardo Cosentino

The brand is celebrating a big anniversary this year. Can you share a bit about the origins and history of the company and how that heritage is still reflected today?

This year marks 25 years since Cosentino established its foothold in the U.S. market. But the start of it all dates back to 1979, when my father, Paco Cosentino, took over my grandfather’s small workshop in Almeria, Spain, where we focused on small marble quarries and only employed 14 people. In the ’80s, my father had an idea to reuse scrap from our natural stone production to create surfacing. You could say sustainability has always been an integral part of our DNA—far before it was a trend in the industry. A visionary to the core, my father’s concept was far ahead of the technology and machinery at the time. But he refused to give up. He persevered. In 1991, Silestone was launched, and in 1998, it came to the United States. Today, it’s the leading surfacing brand in the country. 2013 marked another pivotal milestone for Cosentino with the launch of Dekton, an ultra-compact, first-of-its kind material with unparalleled design and performance properties for indoor and outdoor applications. In 44 years, we’ve evolved from a small business in the south of Spain to a global leader at the forefront of our industry, with nearly 60% of our global sales coming from the U.S. market. And through it all, we’ve stayed focused on what matters most: our employees, who we consider our family, as well as innovative design that is good for both people and the planet.

The Dekton Onirika Collection in Lucid. PHOTO COURTESY OF BRAND
The Dekton Onirika Collection in Lucid

What are some of the latest launches?

Given the current design landscape and what we forecast, it’s our duty to the industry and our planet to lead by example. Through the development of our Silestone HybriQ technology, we’ve reinvented how Silestone is made with the planet in mind. This new high-performance blend of premium minerals, quartz and recycled materials utilizes a sustainable manufacturing process using 99% recycled water and 100% electric energy from renewable sources. It’s a new generation of environmentally friendly design surfaces, and we hope this inspires other brands to follow suit.

What are some of the current collaborations with designers?

This fall marks the highly anticipated launch of our Dekton Onirika Collection, designed in partnership with celebrated designer Nina Magon. We’ve long admired her work and how she pushes the design envelope through the use of our materials. So, when Nina first shared her vision three years ago and addressed a white space, if you will, in the industry for a marble-inspired collection that exuded drama and movement, we trusted her pulse on the industry and category completely. It’s been an honor to partner with her through the creative process, and we can’t wait to see designs Onirika inspires for designers and homeowners alike.

As we look to 2023 and beyond, what lies ahead for Cosentino?

I have learned much from my father in our work together—specifically the importance of always keeping an innovative spirit. We have a deep passion to look within and explore how, even if something seems to be working perfectly fine, we can make it even better. Because the opportunity is always there. I’m also constantly inspired by other brands in our space, and I think there’s a tremendous opportunity to collaborate on designs, collections and more. It’s the Cosentino spirit—the Cosentino way. Great things are indeed in the works, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

The Dekton Onirika Collection in Neural PHOTO COURTESY OF BRAND
The Dekton Onirika Collection in Neural

Nina Magon

Cosentino is known for elevating surfaces beyond countertops. What are some interesting applications you are seeing today? How else can designers and clients use the materials in innovative ways?

What first drew me to Cosentino—and Dekton in particular—was the expansive color offering. But, as I came to learn more about the material and its capabilities, I quickly realized the only limit of its applications was my imagination. As my work spans the residential and hospitality space, one certainly influences the other. And that manifests in how I use surfacing to create stunning, unexpected focal points. For my clients with larger kitchens, I love eliminating upper cabinets to make space for a Dekton backsplash that stretches straight to the ceiling. For me, it completely transforms the experience of the space. It takes a part of the kitchen that can be easily glanced over and makes you stop and stare. It’s art. Similarly, it’s stunning as wall cladding in wet rooms or high-traffic parts of the home. I’m also constantly inspired to use it for furniture design: platform beds, dining tables and so much more.

Eduardo Cosentino, CEO of Cosentino PHOTO COURTESY OF BRAND
Eduardo Cosentino, CEO of Cosentino

What overall trends are you seeing when it comes to surfaces?

Prioritizing performance. For so long, I had clients who insisted on marble—no matter how porous, no matter how precious. But, thanks to the technological advancements Cosentino has made in its manufacturing, the colors capture the depth, drama and movement of natural stone—without the hassle that comes with maintaining natural stone. Like I say, time is too precious to worry if a fabulous bottle of red wine is going to wreak havoc on your countertops.

What I loved so much about my collaboration with Cosentino for the Dekon Onirika Collection was the artistic liberty their technology makes possible. It allowed me to completely dream up designs and colors that take cues from what we find in nature, and infuse more movement and drama through an elegant mix of colors. And while there’s a market that will always love the calacatta looks, there’s also a part of the market that craves the unexpected, and an aesthetic beyond what they could have dreamed of. That is what Onirika offers.