Discover the unpredictable contemporary Italian interior inside this stately Colonial home in Melrose.
The clutter-free kitchen is always photo ready. PHOTO BY SAM BALUKONIS
The clutter-free kitchen is always photo ready.

Built in 1900, this six-bedroom home blends in with the other Colonials and Victorians that largely make up Melrose’s East Side. But the exterior is in stark contrast to the sleek modern interior designed by Studio Verticale ( The almost complete gut renovation was born from the homeowner’s desire to open up the floor plan while preserving the exterior. Studio Verticale brought their discerning eye, project management skills and Italian product lines to the kitchen, bathroom, and walk-in closet.

A hidden prep station PHOTO BY SAM BALUKONIS
A hidden prep station

The prominently placed kitchen is visible from all areas of the main floor, including the backyard and the deck. TheThe homeowners, the couple behind Spa Gloss, wanted to ensure that this centerpiece of the property always looked picture-ready. To that end, Studio Verticale was tasked with finding inspiring solutions to hide the everyday clutter without sacrificing convenience. The vast Modulnova ( product line proved to have several ideal solutions. The first was a slide-out rack with inner compartments that could house small items—everything from sponges to spices. The second required a little ingenuity from the designers. “We knew of the pantry cabinet with receding doors and its superb capability to serve as a small appliance station. However, when paired with a slide-out stainless steel top, it also became an excellent prep station,” says Mila Talibov, principal designer and owner of Studio Verticale. The prep station is in front of a floor-to-ceiling window, so whoever’s cooking dinner can gaze outside while chopping and mixing. “The ability to hide small appliances behind doors that be retracted and tucked away with a simple move cannot be overrated,” Talibov continues. “It’s heavenly the entire space in a warm glow.

Large windows and Lualdi sliding doors help bring the outside in. PHOTO BY SAM BALUKONIS
Large windows and Lualdi sliding doors help bring the outside in.

The home’s new interior is not only current and polished, but there is a feeling of symmetry in the newly openedup rooms. There’s a beautiful continuity between the marble in the bathroom and the marble backsplash in the kitchen. State-of-the-art Italian sliding doors by Lualdi ( replaced traditional, sealed-off rooms and create connectivity throughout the house. The introduction of pocket doors that completely retract link rooms unexpectedly to each other. There is also and practical at the same time.” Finishing touches include a eucalyptus veneer for the island and shelves that help balance out the room.

The handsome Pianca closet PHOTO BY SAM BALUKONIS
The handsome Pianca closet

Another space in the home that marries form and function is the primary suite’s spacious closet. It features a central island, a glass wardrobe with a built-in dresser and open shelves perfect for displaying the season’s “it” handbags. Embedded lighting throughout shines a soft spotlight on the sartorial collection, basking harmony with the outdoors. Floor-to-ceiling picture windows help bring the outside in, and there is even a skylight above the soaking tub allowing bathers to admire the sky. “The house has beautiful grounds around it. One of the driving inspirations was to bring the outdoors in by opening up interior walls and adding floor-to-ceiling windows on the main floor,” says Talibov.

Of course, during the year-long project there were challenges, but in the end, the result is “everything we could have hoped for,” says Talibov.