Driven by passion, Dallas-based wallpaper line Ever Atelier ( has taken the interiors world by storm with vibrant and vivid designs. Ashley Leftwich and Sarah English, the founders and creatives behind it, tell us about their distinctive works of art.

Rose Mary Rose in Shirley Sunshine wallcovering PHOTO COURTESY OF EVER ATELIER
Rose Mary Rose in Shirley Sunshine wallcovering. PHOTO COURTESY OF EVER ATELIER

How would you describe your wallpapers?

AL: Edgy, artistic, luxurious, whimsical. All of the designs have artistic experimentation behind them, so they all tell a different story or idea.

SE: We also use the word ‘evoke’ often when describing our patterns. We hope to stir a feeling, like you feel when standing in front of an art piece.

What does your design process look like?

AL: Our process varies per pattern. We usually start out by pulling inspirational imagery, then we combine the images and start the process. Once we have the initial idea, we start to actually create our interpretation of it. Some designs we hand draw the ideas with actual linework, some are handpainted illustrations, some incorporate photorealism from our photography, and some, like the Rose Mary Rose pattern, combine all of these techniques. After we have the general layout done, we start the revision process. We start generating multiple strike-offs during the revision process. Some designs emerge quickly and are the way we want them early on, and others take time.

When producing these works of art, what keeps you creatively energized?

SE: There is a definite energy between us. I’m constantly seeking inspiration, and sometimes it finds me when I least expect it. I visualize patterns everywhere. I try to cultivate an openness to seeing and thinking in creative ways wherever I am and whatever I’m doing. I love the discovery that happens in the process of creating—that’s something I really appreciate about how Ashley and I work together. We keep each other moving forward.

What is currently in the works for Ever Atelier?

AL: We are working on so many fun and amazing custom projects. We are also in the works for launching another collection with new designs and launching Ever Atelier textiles soon.