The Waterfall console, one of eight pieces in the new collection

California’s beloved design studio Jute debuted its first furniture collection: a warm, romantic set of eight handcrafted pieces, including a dining table, a desk, a coffee table, a dresser, a pouf, a stool and two consoles. The dark-stained, solid walnut wood pieces, though unique, are coherent in their whimsical character and complete functionality, creating a defined, signature look throughout. “We wanted each piece to be antique-inspired, but with modern proportions and added functionality,” says principal designer Alison Davin, adding that functionality is the overarching emphasis she incorporates into her practice. As for what this looks like? Both the writing table and the turned console have functional drawers; the tapered pouf ’s proportions are intentionally made so it can serve as a footrest or a seat; the dining table’s narrow shape allows for easy conversion; and many of the pieces are multipurpose, like the paneled dresser that’s suited for the bedroom, an entertainment space or even the bathroom. Charming and adaptable, Jute’s first furniture collection is bound to bring a disposition of taste to any home.