Brittany Bromley

New York - CEO of Brittany Bromley Interiors

What first sparked your interest in interiors or design? Having grown up in beautiful homes, I was innately drawn to a refined aesthetic and the way that your environment can shape the way you live.

How would you describe your aesthetic? Collected, curated and classic.

What is a design trend you are loving at the moment? In our own design work, we have always used a lot of color and pattern, so it’s nice to see us in good company!

What is a design trend that you hate and are so over? Blonde wood and using succulents as decorHow do you weave your sense of style into everything you do? I believe that style is something that manifests itself whenever you express yourself, and fashion is no different! I like a classic look, with some vintage pieces and some new, and I’m rarely drawn to trends. Today it’s going to be 60 in February- I’m wearing doe colored suede knee high boots, knee length saddle brown leather culottes, a favorite vintage denim shirt, and a calf length beige plaid coat. And my favorite white enamel and onyx locket with pictures of my two little babies inside! ️

Who are some of your favorite “secret” sources for projects? I love antique and artisan in Stamford—they have a terrific assortment of dealers and I always find something (or things) to buy! I also love Found in New Canaan—they have a wonderful eye, and it feels like shopping a highly curated collection of things I’ve been looking for for years. My husband is a brilliant landscape designer, so luckily I get to work with the best often!

Wallpaper or paint? Wallpaper- everywhere!

Antique or reproduction? Antique is always preference!

What is your favorite color palette to use in projects currently? So many different options here- we are working on a really beautiful home in old Greenwich where we are doing soft pastels, greens, blues and corals and lots of neutral brown and Sisal to ground everything.

What is a timeless design moment that you think will never go out of style? Tortoise shell

What is the best bang for the buck when it comes to making a big impact on a project? Wallpaper

What do you wish more of your clients understood? That sometimes the things that we are suggesting that they do that are extra cost, are the things that they will love the most at the end of the project. And example is that we recently did a custom ottoman for a client and we specd doing multicolor tufts of thread from Samuel and Sons instead of covered buttons in the tufting, and they at first balked at the extra cost. We convinced them to move forward with them, and now that’s it’s completed they have told us multiple times that it’s their favorite part of the room!

Photography by: By Marc Touissant/Courtesy of Brittany Bromley