Ginger Curtis, owner and principal designer of Urbanology Designs (, celebrates the launch of her first book, Beauty by Design ( Here, we chat with her about the design philosophy and inspirations that keep her passions alive.

Beauty by Design is filled with inspiring pages like this living room designed by Ginger Curtis (below). INTERIORS PHOTO BY MATTI GRESHAM
Beauty by Design is filled with inspiring pages like this living room designed by Ginger Curtis (below). PHOTO BY MATTI GRESHAM

Congratulations on your recent book launch. What inspired you to write this book?

During my wellness journey as I was recovering from an aggressive cancer diagnosis I had this ‘aha’ moment when I realized the incredible impact my home had on my healing process, emotionally, mentally and physically. Understanding this impact made me aware that our homes should be a place of beauty and reprieve.

What should readers look forward to?

I want my readers to be deeply inspired to tackle the challenges in their lives with hope and deep determination. I want to encourage them to take immediate action in their homes and pursue a place of beauty and meaning that will surround them each and every day. I want my readers to defy the status quo and not settle for trends but instead dig deeper and find new inspiration.

What is the most important part of designing a home?

Deeply understanding what the goals, wants and needs of the client are. My favorite part about interior design is understanding the massive impact we usher into our clients’ lives. There is rarely a project that does not end in tears from overwhelming gratitude and absolute joy.

How would you define your style?

Relaxed, warm modern or relaxed organic modern would say it accurately. We are very California-casual, deep in the heart of good ol’ Texas. I love creating incredibly beautiful interiors that are bright and welcoming yet cozy and warm.


What’s your favorite design trend right now?

My design philosophy doesn’t look to trends and whims but rather toward our hearts for the truest reflection of who we are and how we can express that within our homes. I love that in this industry there is endless potential for new levels of creativity and growth. It feels as if there are a million possibilities for interiors to fully come together, from furniture and textiles to lighting and decor. This thought doesn’t overwhelm me—it lights a fire in my heart!