As the founder of Beyond Estates, Bianca Aubrey coordinates everything from event planning and staging to luxury sales and leasing for her clientele of celebrities and notables.

Dwayne Johnson and Bianca Aubrey

What first inspired you to launch the business? Beyond Estates is a culmination of my professional passions—real estate, interior design and event planning. I always knew that I would like to start my own business! After five years of global travel with DJ [Dwayne Johnson] and his family as their executive family coordinator, I was greatly inspired to launch my company and introduce these unique estate services to the world. Being raised in Los Angeles, I was influenced by a hardworking community of artists and business owners, which motivated my entrepreneurial spirit.

How do you feel you are filling a void in the market? Having catered exclusively to high-profile clientele, our teams are experts in delivering quality services while maintaining the highest level of discretion in protecting the privacy of our VIPs. The goal at Beyond Estates is not only to obtain your perfect location, but to bring to life unforgettable memories for your family and friends to enjoy with the same integrity and expertise we have built our brand on. We pride ourselves on culminating long-term relationships and remain versatile to accommodating the ever-changing needs of each client individually. We have mastered the creative art of making a house into a home. We believe that everyone deserves a sanctuary in their corner of the world.

What are some of the unique services that you offer clients? We are unique in that we specialize in a multitude of quality services including residential real estate sales, luxury leasing, interior design, home organizing and event planning. When listing your home with us, you will receive a personalized experience marketing your property. Working with Compass allows us to create custom-tailored plans utilizing their tech-savvy online digital marketing programs. We then coordinate with our in-house event specialists to organize stellar, one-of-a-kind open-house experiences. We build expert teams to fulfill specialized projects to go above and beyond each client’s expectations and dreams. For example, when furnishing a new house, we include personal touches such as family photographs, preferred linens, custom stationery and favorite florals to make our client feel like they’re coming home to a property they’ve lived in for many years. Our mark of success is the fulfillment that comes with seeing our clients happy.

Can you name a few career highlights in your time with DJ/ Seven Bucks? Working closely with the production teams at Seven Bucks Entertainment, we continually scout the globe for perfect accommodations for DJ and his family. This experience has given me a global approach to real estate. I love traveling to new cities and immersing myself in the local markets, meeting new agents, local vendors and scouting the best each city has to offer. Working as the executive project manager for the continual construction of the ‘Iron Paradise’ is one of the most exciting aspects of my job—the traveling circus, as we call it! DJ has five professional-quality gyms traveling in mobile parts around the world at any given time. The coordination and logistics that go into building this sanctuary of his is extremely detailed. Due to an everchanging production schedule, we are often managing several estates simultaneously. Once we wrap one location, we have already planned the next three months of logistics as we prepare load-in for a new city. I work closely with DJ’s estate manager, Alejandra Romero, to execute these movements with concise precision. Planning an intimate wedding for DJ and Lauren on Kauai in 2019 was by far my favorite career highlight! We worked closely with the security detail and family members to ensure privacy was never compromised. We accomplished that without fault. Everything at their wedding was performed with so much passion and heart by our entire internal house staff. It was a moment of personal pride for myself and the team. From the menu to floral arrangements to the gorgeous location, this was an unforgettable day and I was honored to share in the mana and spirit of their very special wedding celebration in Hawaii.


What do you think has been the key to the success of your business so far? The key to the success at Beyond Estates is the mentality and confidence that we can execute beyond any challenges imposed and achieve them beyond expectation. We are not limited by working in local specialty regions, as we are a global concierge of anything estate-related. With boots on the ground in most major cities around the globe, we are determined to bring our clients’ dreams to life. Our professional staff is vetted and trained to work with a can-do attitude and offer consistent positive energy in the work environment.

Can you share a few of the VIP clients you have worked with over the years? My career started over 15 years ago working alongside my godmother, Shelleylyn Brandler, as COO of her event planning company, TaDa! Catering, which is the premier catering service for all major music venues and talent on the West Coast. While Shelley traveled nationally on tour with her catering crew, I led all local teams performing backstage catering to high-profile talent at the most successful concert venues in Los Angeles: Staples Center, Club Nokia and The Forum, to name a few. I then began working for Lionel and Diane Richie’s family, providing support as an estate manager and as chaperone for their daughter Sofia Richie as her modeling career was blossoming. I was extremely honored to work for the late Brad Grey, CEO of Paramount Pictures, and his wife, Cassandra, as they brought their awe-inspiring Carolwood estate to life. This will be my fifth year working with DJ and his wife, Lauren, as their executive family coordinator.