Maintaining a rug in high-traffic areas can take time and effort, especially with messy kids or pets. If you are looking for a stylish runner or a stand-out centerpiece, a washable rug is the perfect addition to add life to any space. One spin in the washing machine will have these beautiful rugs looking brand-new, even through red wine spills and pet stains.

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Annie Selke

Paint Chip Blue Machine Washable Rug / $438 / Website

Embrace your inner artist with this accent rug that surely will have your guests looking at their feet. The inspiration behind Annie Selke’s design is an art palette and is available in three different color schemes that best fit your theme. Its’ superior machine wash quality is capable of lifting any stains or dirt, making it the perfect rug for any busy house. This rug will be a vibrant pop of color in any room or hallway, making it an art piece that does not need to be hung up.

Lorena Canals

Woolable Rug Enkang Ivory / $1,055 / Website

Inspired by the tradition of the Masai people protecting themselves with acacia wood fencing, this rug protects you from the bitter cold as well. Lorena Canals is known to have created the first washable rug in the world and provides detailed instructions on attaching the rug’s additional braids. Customers can choose between colors like Champagne, Arabesque and Almond Frost, and every rug comes with a cotton tote bag including a non-slip underlay. This textured rug will provide that extra coziness to warm up the house.

Annie Selke

Roark Charcoal Hand Tufted Wool Rug / $3,788 / Website

What’s white and black and walked all over? The Roark Charcoal hand-tufted wool rug is designed to resemble ancient hand-laid rock walls with its’ rhythmical design. The unique pattern contrast of stone and mortar reflects “the meticulously tufted high and low levels of the velvety hand-sheared pile.” Handcrafted and available in different sizes, add this plush wool rug to any space to give the room a timeless elegance.

West Elm

Faded Mix Washable Rug / $778 / Website

If you are looking for the classic vintage charm while still having that additional pop of color, this is your rug. The Faded Mix washable rug by West Elm combines classic and modern designs available in different shapes and sizes. Combining a non-slip backing with high-performance materials, this rug is shed-resistant and crafted with durable yarn. If you begin to notice those extra stains, simply just place it in the washing machine with this easy-care rug perfect for crowded hallways.


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Clover Rug / $399 / Website

Do not be alarmed, this clover rug is not actually patterned with clovers. Instead, this rug was handmade using nontoxic dyes on durable organic cotton by artisans from Brazil. Nestig designs furniture and decor with safety and sustainability in mind, perfect for toddlers or younger children prone to creating a mess. Every rug is one-of-a-kind with natural variations and loomed with love while protecting the earth. This piece is perfect either for your brand-new nursery or the extra cushion under your feet for the kitchen.


Morris & Co. Blackthorn Forest Green Rug / $799 / Website

Welcome to the jungle with this captivating rug that will bring those earthy forest tones straight into your living room. Originally designed as wallpaper by John Henry Dearle in 1892, the combination of blossoms and blooms is meticulously composed, giving it that extra depth. The two-piece Cover and Pad System allows buyers to remove the Rug Pad before washing just the cover in the machine. Available in multiple sizes, this masterpiece reimagines a classic pattern that invites elegance into your home.

Although rugs tend to see the worst of our spills, stains and hobbies, try out these washable rugs that are the ideal decor for your floor.