With the popularity of grand millennial design, toile is having a moment, and we love adding color and texture to a room with a gorgeous toile wallpaper full of swoon-worthy organic elements. Here are our favorites of the year so far!

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Brier & Byrd

Brier_ByrdToileinHotLips.jpgPhoto by Yuri-U/Shutterstock

Toile / Hot lips / Price upon request / Website

Lovers of all things nautical, this one’s for you. Covered in adorable marine motifs such as palmetto trees, tropical fish and seashells, this wallpaper is a great addition to any beach house. We also love the bright pink hue for a fun punch of color.

Graham & Brown

Graham_BrownAmherstsGardenSage.jpgPhoto courtesy of Graham & Brown

Amherst’s Garden / Sage / On sale for $135 per roll / Website

Turn any room into a wild garden oasis with Amherst’s Garden in sage, a print that highlights monochrome design through gorgeous motifs such as flowers, abundant greenery and birds. Teeming with life, this print adds both moodiness and vitality.

Kim Williams & Jessica Molebatsi for Robin Sprong

Photo courtesy of Sarza

Noluthando / Classic / From $11.50 per square foot / Website

It doesn’t get more classic than this. Crafted by Jessica Molebatsi of JessicaJane and Kim Williams, the Noluthando is your quintessential toile full of countryside motifs, such as cattle, chickens, trees and children playing. We particularly love the large scale of this print.


SchumacherLesScenesContemporaines.jpgPhoto courtesy of Schumacher

Les Scenes Contemporaines / Blue / Price available upon request / Website

Schumacher’s in-house artists drew inspiration from an 18th-century Jean-Baptiste Huët pattern for a cheeky modern take on a classic design. Laptops, to-go coffee cups, combat boots, denim jackets and backward baseball caps are all seamlessly incorporated into this Greco-Roman vignette print.

Photo courtesy of Schumacher

Modern Toile / Black / Price available upon request / Website

Reminiscent of Renaissance drawings, this large-scale print is full of layered mystical elements for a whimsical yet classic appeal. Pastoral elements overlapped with astrological motifs make this head-turning print the perfect choice for a statement room.

SchumacherSanCristobalToile.jpgPhoto courtesy of Schumacher

San Cristobal Toile / Cocoa / Price available upon request / Website

Curling vines, lush greenery and bursting pomegranates make this print as timeless as they come. A faithful reproduction of an 18-century document, this print is dimensional yet neutral, making it surprisingly versatile.

Photo courtesy of Kathy Kuo Home

Toile De Fleurs / Grosaille / Price available upon request / Website

Airy and elegant, this print is full of twisting branches and flowers based on a copper plate engraving for a beautiful etched effect. The minimally saturated gray hue plays with a white background for a gorgeous, fresh paper perfect for a bedroom.


TempapeCoBoulevardToileinCoral.jpgPhoto courtesy of Tempaper & Co.

Boulevard Toile / Coral Toile / $160 for a double roll / Website

Bring vacation vibes inside your home with this gorgeous Tempaper print full of palmetto trees and art deco architecture. Faraway destinations come to mind thanks to the tropical motifs, making this print lovely in the foyer of a beach house.

York Wallcoverings

Photo courtesy of York Wallcoverings, Inc.

Botanicals & Lemurs / Graphite / $70 per roll / Website

The nursery print of our dreams, the Botanicals & Lemurs premium peel-and-stick wallpaper from York Wallcoverings is inspired by the exotic palm trees, lemurs and monkeys of Madagascar. Playful yet sophisticated, this print is full of movement.

Photo courtesy of York Wallcoverings, Inc.

Cottontail Toile / Wicker / $65 per roll / Website

Bunnies and greenery, what more do you need? This peel-and-stick print provides a welcome symmetric take on toile balanced with curious rabbits and damask thickets of vines. The finishing touch? A watercolor effect. We particularly love this print for a bathroom.

Photo courtesy of York Wallcoverings, Inc.

Menagerie Toile / Emerald & Metallic Gold / $150 per double roll / Website

Who said toile couldn’t be dark and moody? This gorgeous and luxurious print is presented in bright metallic gold on a rich emerald background for a focal point design just begging to be put in a powder room. The moody palette is juxtaposed with playful peacock and tree drawings.

The Vale London

LionToile_FinalPebble.jpg photo courtesy of the Vale London

Lion Toile Wallpaper / Pebble / price upon request / Website

Refined yet whimsical, this toile originated as pen drawings, making the print highly retained. We love the juxtaposition of the proud lion with florals for a simultaneously masculine and feminine print. Marbling accents add additional texture for a stone-like finish remniscent of smooth marble.

PardusToile-DarkTurquoise-4Sub-21519D-TheValehalf.jpgphoto courtesy of the Vale London

Pardus Toile / Poseidon / price upon request / Website

Named for the sleek panthers featured throughout this design, Pardus features ancient animals that have been revered for centuries and have even been considered deities. Serpents and wild cats are juxtaposed with tranquil peonies and tulips from the Far East. Rendered in saturated watercolor hues, this large-scale toile is eyecatching yet not distracting, making it the perfect choice for a dining room.