If you're anything like us, you've been taking advantage of the warm weather with long days spent in the backyard. With summer in full swing, it's time to lounge outside and take in the rays. Our outdoor couch picks are made out of high-quality materials created to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring that your selection can be enjoyed for years to come. The couches will have you and your loved ones socializing long after sundown.

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JANUS et Cie

Ares_Lifestyle.jpgPhoto courtesy of JANUS et Cie

Ares Sofa 3 Seat / Driftwood and Cocoa / From $6,610 / Website

The Ares three seater sofa is crafted from premium teak and Chassis silver aluminum with a driftwood painted finish. This sofa is great for an outdoor patio space to hang out with family and friends as it is able to uphold its quality against the summer sun. If you’re not sure of where to position this sofa, the adjustable nylon glides allow for movement across multiple surfaces.

Mattone_Lifestyle.jpgPhoto courtesy of JANUS et Cie

Mattone Module / Senda Avena / From $5,880 / Website

This low to the ground sofa is a poolside necessity. From the classic colors to the square shape, we love this couch’s simplicity. The fully upholstered fabric covered foam seats allow you to sink in and enjoy the day.



Photo courtesy of Arhaus

Ollie Outdoor Sofa / Rosemount Navy / On sale for $3,846 / Website

Ollie’s Outdoor Sofa has a craftsman-built frame is made from durable tube and cast aluminum, secured with precision welds and reinforced stress points, all covered in Arhaus' premium InsideOut Performance Fabrics. While this piece is made to withstand all weather conditions, frequent dusting as well as covering them during inclement weather is recommended.


Photo courtesy of Arhaus

Roos Outdoor Sofa with Cushion / Priano Malt / One sale for $2,488 / Website

The Z-shape of the Roos Outdoor Sofa is what makes it stand out from the rest. We love how the one-of-a-kind resin-strand wicker gives off a '70s vibe with a modern twist. With a wide variety of fabrics to choose from for the seat, this sofa is sure to fit into your space.


BassamFellows_PS_50S2054_v3_15D1S.jpgPhoto by Joe Fletcher

Rail Sofa / Price upon request / Website

Looking to integrate inside and outside with a single lounge system? The BassamFellow’s newest collection has the furniture for you. They utilize an eco-friendly outdoor fabric that contributes to its “unparalleled outdoor weather performance” that was commissioned by the firm of a 150-year-old Italian mill. The versatility of these pieces allow for aesthetic flow inside and out.


Photo courtesy of Kravet Soleil

Lantana Outdoor Sofa / Price upon request / Website

The Kravet Soleil Lantana Outdoor Sofa offers a classic take on sofas. This beige settee comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty to the original owner, provided such frame is unaltered (not recovered) and put to ordinary residential use. As Kravet Soleil plants one tree for every furniture, you’ll be giving back to the environment.

Stori Modern

Stori_Novel_L_Collection_B.jpgPhoto courtesy of Stori Modern

Novel Love Seat / Coffee and Sailcloth Salt / On sale for $1,019.85 / Website

As a company that prides themselves on designing and producing top-quality products and delivering them directly to your patio, Stori Modern’s Novel Love Seat does not disappoint. We love the tubular aluminum frame that raises this sofa off the ground.

Mainly Baskets Home


Photo courtesy of Mainly Baskets Home

Chatham Lounge Sofa / Chestnut and White Polyester / $4,085 / Website

By taking inspiration from the coastal towns of the Northeast and incorporating braided accents, the Chatham Lounge Sofa is both warm and inviting. We love the braided accents and versatile wicker to create a welcoming environment in your space.


Photo courtesy of Mainly Baskets Home

Loggia Sofa / Meadow Green and White Polyester / $2,107 / Website

The Meadow Green color of the Loggia Sofa provides the perfect pop of color in any outdoor space. This sofa is modeled after the company’s original line back in the late 70s, tapping into nostalgic sentiments. If Meadow Green is not the color for you, the Loggia Sofa also comes in 10 signature colors.

Brooke & Lou


Photo courtesy of Brooke and Lou

Kate Outdoor Sofa / $6,656 / Website

The Kate Outdoor Sofa is loved for the casual and clean air it brings to a room. The outdoor woven material gives a natural look without the tiresome maintenance. If you’re looking for the final piece to tie your space together, look no further.


Photo courtesy of Brooke & Lou

Paralova Sofa / $4,699.99 / Website

This casual sofa is sure to fit comfortably into your space. With graceful lines that are crafted from aluminum and a graphite finish, this sofa has the simple character that you’ve been looking for.

Peter Dunham Home


Photo courtesy of Peter Dunham Home

Indoor/Outdoor Rush Sofa / $12,800 / Website

This teakwood sofa’s silhouette looks like that of a regular sofa, but upon inspection has a one of a kind intricate, organic, handwoven all-weather rush. This unique teak frame comes with standard cushions made with an all-weather acrylic fabric and quick dry foam. As this hand-crafted furniture uses teakwood, it does require slight upkeep. At Peter Dunham, they recommend that it’s consistently treated with teak oil four times/year to avoid the silver-gray patina that can develop on the wood.


Photo courtesy of Peter Dunham Home

Indoor/Outdoor Formosa Sofa / $4,850 / Website

The Indoor/Outdoor Formosa Sofa wood frame mimics that of intertwining the backs of multiple rocking chairs and a sofa together. This unique teak frame comes with standard cushions made with an all-weather acrylic fabric and quick dry foam. As this hand-crafted furniture uses teakwood, it does require slight upkeep. At Peter Dunham, they recommend that it’s consistently treated with teak oil four times/year to avoid the silver-gray patina that can develop on the wood.

Resource Furniture

Sorum_Back_2.jpgPhoto by Resource Furniture

Flex Outdoor / Pricing upon request / Website

Lounging around the pool this summer will be blissful with the Flex Outdoor sofa. The removable backrests allow for reconfiguration for any occasion. The base styles, backrest sizes, and optional ottomans or ornamental cushions are all customizable, so this sofa can be tailored to you and your space.


CAPE_TOWN.jpgPhoto courtesy of RH

Cape Town Teak Sofa / Mocha Perennials® Performance Textured Linen Weave and Weathered Teak / Starting at $6,181 / Website

The Cape Town sofa creates the illusion that it’s levitating off of the ground thanks to its deep set platform seat offset by the top of the platform. We love the modern ambiance that this couch exudes while still being incredibly comfortable. Naps outside in the sun, here we come!

CORTONA_1.jpgPhoto courtesy of RH

Cortona Sofa / Burnt Caramel Holland & Sherry Wood Twill / Starting at $7,900 / Website

The Cortona Sofa by Ann Marie Vering taps into the postmodernist architecture of Italy, which makes it fitting that this piece is hand-crafted in Italy. The geometric nature of this sofa is complemented by its low-slung silhouette and covered cushions.

SOLARO.jpgPhoto courtesy of RH

Solaro Teak Sofa / Mist Perennials Performance Textured Linen Weave and Natural Teak / Starting at $6,307 / Website

Artful conception and masterful engineering intertwine with the Solaro Teak Sofa. The cushions are sizable and bold yet simple. The beautiful wood finishing creates variations in each piece that will make your sofa one-of-a-kind.

TRELICA_2.jpgPhoto courtesy of RH

Trelica Teak Modular L-Sectional / Mocha Perennials® Performance Textured Linen Weave and Natural Teak / Starting at $3,960 / Website

This L-Shaped couch is inspired by the architectural beauty of Brazilian muxarabi window panels. Celebrated designers Thomas Bina and Ronald Sasson collaborated to create this piece. With customizable modular components, you can add your own flare and configure the couch of your dreams.

TRIESTE.jpgPhoto courtesy of RH

Trieste Teak Sofa / Wheat Perennials Performance Textured Linen Weave and Natural Teak / Starting at $4,900 / Website

Named after the Italian city, Milanese designer Claudio Bellini connects a classical sensibility with a modern style in the Trieste Teak Sofa. The wooden back and side panels of the sofa provide a creative variation from your ordinary settee. With a formidable weight and size, this couch will anchor your space.

Roche Bobis

bt_82BPCZ87UIE0RISBCG22KM6RWDDOX.jpgPhoto courtesy of Roche Bobis

BomBom 2.5-Seat Sofa / $7,645 / Website

If you’re looking for a sofa that will stand-out amongst the rest, then look no further than the BomBom 2.5-Seat Sofa. Portuguese contemporary visual artist Joana Vasconcelo, tied in her native roots with this collaboration with Roche Bobis. Vasconcelos stated, “As a Portuguese woman, the savoir-faire and materials specific to my culture are essential: the azulejos that adorn our indoor and outdoor spaces, along with the crochet doilies that decorate sofas, tables and televisions in all Portuguese homes.” With various bold and calm colors to choose from, no BomBom is alike.


Photo by Sarza

Songololo 6 Seater Sectional Sofa / Pastel Turquoise / $44,300 / Website

The Songololo is able to take the shape of whatever space it’s in which makes it perfect of those wanting to put furniture in a uniquely shaped area. South African designer Haldane Martin took the classic '70s sectional sofa and added a modern variation. The Songololo’s UV-stable powder coated aluminum is perfect for the harsh climate of the outdoors.

Swartberg_Outdoor_Sofa_6260.jpgPhoto courtesy of Sarza

Swartberg Outdoor Sofa / $6,260 / Website

The Swartberg platform sofa series exudes an air of length and relaxation. Like the mountain range itself, this sofa will become more beautiful with age and withstand generations outside since it was made to last, to handle the African elements, and to be robust in difficult settings. The boho feel of this couch will have you unwinding and relaxing all day long.

Alexa Hampton Collection for Woodard Furniture

San_Michele_Woodard_AHampton_0053_failed.jpgPhoto courtesy of Woodard Furniture

San Michele / Price upon request / Website

In this wicker couch, Alexa Hampton features an all-weather marron weave and beautiful stylized Greek key borders that transport you straight to the northern Italian coast. The woven intricacies of this couch will have your guests feeling like they're in an Italian oasis.

LORENZO_Woodard_AHampton_2623_failed.jpgPhoto courtesy of Woodard Furniture

Lorenzo / Price upon request / Website

The custom cushions and pillows accentuate its comfortable proportions. This all-weather weave is woven into geometric patterns along the bottom of the sofa. We love pairing this sofa with wicker side tables and chairs.

Teak Warehouse


Photo courtesy of Teak Warehouse

Lodge Distressed Teak Outdoor Sofa / Reclaimed Teak / $2,499 / Website

The Lodge Distressed Teak Outdoor Sofa's large cuts are layered with horizontal slats, which not only improve the loveseat's beauty but also give it a solid foundation. This environmentally friendly sofa has a rustic allure that pairs well with a backyard full of lush greenery.

4_Teak_Warehouse_Toby_Outdoor_Aluminum_and_Rope_Sofa_Graphite_01.jpgPhoto courtesy of Teak Warehouse

Toby Outdoor Aluminum And Rope Sofa / Mixed / $1,499 / Website

As this sofa was constructed from high-quality powder-coated aluminum and rope, longevity is imminent. The simplicity of this sofa allows for it to amplify the aesthetic appeal and practicality of your outdoor living area. If you’re looking to further enhance your space, the Toby Outdoor Aluminum and Rope Relaxing Chairs complement this sofa.


Photo courtesy of Teak Warehouse

Adley Outdoor Reclaimed Teak Sofa / Reclaimed Teak / $3,549 / Website

The sofa gains a distinct charm and personality thanks to the reclaimed teak's rough texture and character. The Adley Outdoor Reclaimed Teak Sofa is made of thick reclaimed teak, making it a solid and long-lasting option for outdoor use. With a hefty weight and generous seating, this couch will become your new favorite place to spend time outdoors.

No matter which settee fits your needs, these versatile couches and sofas will elevate your alfresco living experience to new heights.