Whether you have a coastal home or just love the impact of bringing natural materials into your space, jute rugs bring the outdoors in through their breezy vibes and gorgeous weaves. Jute is a shiny bast fiber that is spun into strong threads, making it an excellent material for a durable rug. Add texture and dimension to your space with one of these jute rugs crafted of natural fibers.

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Rugs USA


Photo courtesy of Rugs USA

Anna Scalloped Jute Rug / Ivory / On sale for $90 / Website

This handmade, 100% jute rug exhibits the elegance of artisanal methods and fine craftsmanship. Your home will feel instantly grounded in the earth thanks to its use of organic, environmentally friendly materials. This rug Having been tested for hundreds of harmful substances, you can rest easy in the knowledge this addition to your space brings all the good and none of the bad. Best of all? It's pet-friendly, so your four-legged friends can enjoy as well.


Picture courtesy of Rugs USA

Chunky Jute Tasseled Area Rug / Natural / On sale for $35.40 / Website

The Chunky Jute Tasseled Area Rug is both handwoven and expertly crafted in India, the world’s oldest textile supplier. This rectangular rug is part of the company’s responsibly handcrafted line, which pays homage to slower manufacturing techniques and radiates an organic look and feel that will add welcome texture to any room.


Picture courtesy of Rugs USA

Louie Diamond Checkerboard Jute Area Rug / Natural / $165 / Website

Checkmate! A part of renowned designer Arvin Olano's debut collection with Rugs USA, this patterned rug features a mix of natural jute and neutral colors reminiscent of lavishly tiled floors, and works well with many types of interior design. It's the ideal piece to bring home because of its uniqueness and functionality.



Photo courtesy of Arhaus

Pearce Jute Rug / Natural / On sale for $1,999 / Website

A richly textured piece of art: the Pearce Jute Rug Collection. In order to highlight the natural beauty of the materials, skilled weavers have handwoven a mixture of jute and cotton in light, neutral hues, creating a design that goes with any aesthetic. To keep your rugs at high quality, Arhaus recommends avoiding exposure to direct sunlight to prevent discoloration and vacuuming in one direction (not back and forth) or using handheld brushless attachments to prevent the pulling of threads with brooms or carpet sweepers being preferred.


Photo courtesy of Arhaus

Tallulah Handwoven Rug / On sale for $2,399 / Website

The Tallulah Rug's surface is covered with delicate crisscross designs for even more added texture. This rug adds a breath of fresh air to any environment it’s in as it is expertly hand-knotted by artisans utilizing methods that have been developed over centuries.

Mainly Baskets Home


Photo courtesy of Kathy Kou Home

Mainly Baskets Scallop Coastal Beach Natural Jute Rug / $796 / Website

The Mainly Baskets Home coastal scalloped rug features a rectangular rug complimented with scalloped edges. This rug is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and it’s recommended to vacuum this rug regularly using a low setting and to avoid using the rotating beater brush.

Kathy Kuo Home


Photo courtesy of Kathy Kuo Home

Selina Coastal Beach Natural Jute Woven / $247 / Website

The Selina Coastal Beach Natural Woven Jute rug is a natural brown hand-woven rug with three-inch fringes on each end. We love pairing this rug with lightly stained wood side tables and chairs.



Photo courtesy of Schumacher

Branson Jute Rug / Natural / Price upon request / Website

The Branson Jute Rug has a textural lattice design with wonderful tonal touches. It has a robust flatweave made of 100% jute. This chic geometric patterned rug is suitable for both traditional and contemporary settings and was inspired by Schumacher’s Branson embroidery fabric.

Patterson Flynn


Photo courtesy of Patterson Flynn

Diamonds / Bear / Price upon request / Website

Your wish is your command with this rug. With a custom team specifically for customer support, Patterson Flynn will assist you during every step of the process. You can alter any of the rugs in their collection or make your own by changing the color, design, scale as well as any other aspect. Before you know it, you'll possess the bespoke Diamonds rug of your dreams.

Annie Selke


Photo courtesy of Annie Selke

Twiggy Handwoven Wool/Jute Rug / Natural / Starting at $124 / Website

This sturdy and dependable rug is from the Bunny Williams collection and features undyed natural jute stripes along with the addition of cozy and soft natural wool, combining a low-profile surface with a standout, dramatic texture. This rug is made for indoor/enclosed outdoor use only and it’s suggested to vacuum your rug regularly with the occasional gentle shake to keep your rug in like-new condition.


Photo courtesy of Annie Selke

Kai Handwoven Jute Rug / Natural / Starting at $108 / Website

Natural materials and vegetable-based dyes are used to flatweave the eco-friendly Kali Handwoven Jute Rug. This rug is extremely durable and lightweight due to its densely woven design and serves as a wonderful bonus for covered porches and high-traffic indoor areas. Since this rug mostly consists of jute, the brand recommends professional cleaning only.


Photo courtesy of Annie Selke

Judson Handwoven Jute Rug / Natural/Ivory / Starting at $274 / Website

Award-winning interior designer Marie Flanigan created the Judson Handwoven Jute Rug to represent her enduring elegance and cutting-edge simplicity while also encouraging a laid-back mindset with midcentury style. This stunning flatwoven rug is made by hand-looming naturally colored jute that exudes a strong, sustainable statement accentuated by a cotton embroidered design.

Milagro Collective


Photo courtesy of Milagro Collective

Scallop Jute With Black Border / Navy / $175 / Website

Affordable and lovely, this made-to-order jute rug is handwoven on traditional looms by skilled artisans in India. The beauty of this rug is that it’s available in all shapes and sizes. So you can get a circular rug with yellow outlined scallops or a heart-shaped rug with pink outlined scallops. The choice is yours! Also, since each of their carpets is handmade, there may be a few minor variations or special features in each which further adds to the uniqueness of your rug.

Ralph Lauren

RalphLaurenSedonaRuginSandstone.jpegPhoto courtesy of Ralph Lauren Home

Sedona Rug / Sandstone / $998 / Website

Ralph Lauren's Sedona line, made from a mixture of natural jute and cotton, has tonal highs and lows throughout the looped pile, revealing a rich gradient pattern. This adaptable rug is hand-knotted by knowledgeable craftspeople, and the textured underfoot provides a subtle depth and character.

Tempaper & Co.

TempaperSwellAreaRug.jpgPhoto courtesy of Tempaper & Co.

Swell Area Rug / Natural and Cream / $199 / Website

As the name suggests, it’s definitely swell to add this rug to your living space. Inspired by their Swell wallpaper pattern, this flatweave rug has abstract arches in a muted color scheme. This lightweight floor covering is handwoven from wool and 100% jute, adding beauty and warmth to any room in your house.

TempaperAbstractArchesFlatweaveAreaRug.jpgPhoto courtesy of Tempaper & Co.

Abstract Arches Flatweave Area Rug / Natural and Black / $199 / Website

This handmade flatweave rug will visually warm up your flooring. This wonderful floor covering has big abstract arches and is handmade using a mixture of natural jute and wool. We love how eye-catching this rug is due to the contrast between the natural brown color of the rug and the darkness of the geometric patterns.