In a history-making move, two real estate brokerages have joined forces under one entity, the Bayne Battleson Group ( With a long history between the two, we sit down to discuss the decision to become one.
Sam Bayne and Ashley Battleson

Why did you feel now was the time to join forces?

Sam Bayne: By joining forces, we are able to expand the size of our network. We both have the same work ethic, and our desire to serve our clients as best we can is first and foremost. It was also necessary due to the increased volume of business The Bayne Group was handling.

Ashley, what is your relationship with the Bayne group?

Ashley Battleson: Sam and I met in real estate over 11 years ago. We clicked right away, and I joined The Bayne Group at Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty. We quickly became one of the top-ranking teams in the company. In 2017, I ventured out to work on a few large development projects in Buckhead and Midtown, as well as continued resale. Over the years, we stayed in touch and often joked about how we would someday work together again.

Why is this partnership so beneficial to your clients?

SB: The reach and scope of our relationships with other agents in the business is a lot of what real estate is all about. We both have great relationships with most of the top 50 agents in the city, and that benefits our clients when we are trying to sell a home for them or trying to find a special home that may not have hit the market yet.

AB: Also, I’ll add that Sam and I have different backgrounds and we travel in different circles, which is a fabulous thing for our clients because we don’t overlap much. Our vast networks are so key to our business, and when we sit down and start brainstorming about buyers and sellers, our results are quick and impressive.

What aspect of the partnership are you looking forward to most?

SB: The goals we have set of providing our clients and customers with the most accurate residential real estate information and showcasing our results-driven negotiating skills, while always delivering the highest level of professionalism and service.

AB: Sam and I are both very competitive and straightforward, and we both like to laugh. Those traits are the three that keep you alive in this business. Our camaraderie has always been the best part of working together. It’s good to be back together again.