Art+Loom expands its line into custom wallpaper from floors to walls.
Add a splash of personality to your interiors with Art Loom’s new custom wallpaper. PHOTO COURTESY OF ART LOOM

Miami’s custom-made rug company, Art+Loom, is taking on a vertical challenge. Launching a new line of wallpaper collections, the brand is bringing its artistic prowess to a new realm of home decor. Each custom-made mural is sized to the client’s specific desires, with pattern and size adjustments. “Wallpaper felt like a natural evolution for Art+Loom as we continue to prioritize our commitment to elevating spaces with exquisite, customizable design solutions,” says Samantha Gallacher, the founder of Art+Loom. With four designs, each available in two color schemes, the wallpaper exudes ethereal beauty with timeless sophistication and intricate details. The wallpaper stylishly blends tradition and innovation for home decor, incorporating different textures and designs that brighten up any living space with a punch of personality. 286 NE 39th St., Miami, @artandloom