A vintage-obsessed generation finds their love for antique rugs.Landry & Arcari Rugs and Carpeting’s Boston showroom PHOTO COURTESY OF BRAND Landry & Arcari Rugs and Carpeting’s Boston showroom

Interior design trends may weave in and out of our lives, but do they leave a stitch? As a new generation styles their homes, carpets straight off the factory floor don’t entice. Instead, their eyes widen to antique rugs collected by experts like Landry & Arcari Rugs and Carpeting (landryandarcari.com). Here, the owner, Jeff Arcari, and inventory specialist, Ben Arcari Cook, offer an insightful look into the love for these timeless, versatile threads.

Why are antique rugs growing in popularity?
Seeing the same cookie cutter-esque, often little to no color, Restoration Hardware-style rug esthetic has run its course over the past decade or two. I think this is especially true with a younger crowd that wants to dive deeper. They can recognize the mystique and intrigue that a one-of-a-kind antique rug possesses in the flesh over mass-produced programmed pieces that straight-up lack soul. —JA

Why does Landry & Arcari embrace antique rugs?
I just never know what the day might bring in the form of one-of-a-kind personal expression antique carpets. Yes, a lot of it has to do with the thrill of the hunt and the serendipitous nature of this business, but it’s also the fun and joy of sharing these finds with our extended family of customers, enthusiasts and rug junkies alike. —JA

An antique Balouch rug from Jeff Arcari’s private collection  PHOTO COURTESY OF BRAND
An antique Balouch rug from Jeff Arcari’s private collection

What can antique rugs bring to a home that new rugs cannot?
The most important thing an antique or vintage rug can bring is its uncanny ability to complete spaces authentically. In the age of fast fashion, I think it’s a common struggle among designers and homeowners alike to put together spaces that don’t look like they are out of a catalog. Antique and vintage rugs are a way to get that “collected” look without too much collecting.—BC

Which styles of homes do you think antique rugs look best?
Antique rugs have been a part of the interior design lexicon for so long that I don’t think they need to be in a certain style of décor to shine. I love how they look paired with mid-century Danish furniture, just the same as in a cozy traditional library cluttered with patterns and books. —BC

An antique camel hair Bijar  PHOTO COURTESY OF BRAND
An antique camel hair Bijar

What are some of your favorite types of antique rugs?
With the use of saturated natural dyed colors, lustrous long staple wool and a sort of freeform geometry within a speci c design concept, I’m pretty sure I will always be most partial to antique tribal rugs.—JA