Made to blend into its stunning Sedona surroundings, Ambiente, A Landscape Hotel is designed to let guests experience the area’s natural beauty in high style—with minimal environmental impact.

Ambiente, A Landscape Hotel, comprises 40 cube-shaped guest atriums with private roof decks.

Arriving in Sedona after a 2-plus hour drive from Phoenix, my husband and I are, in a word, dazzled. From every vantage point, mountains are painted in seductive shades of the desert—terracotta, rust, clay—while the cloudless, saturated blue sky serves as a powerful backdrop. The natural beauty is underwritten by a peaceful feeling, possibly because Sedona is known for its vortexes, tangible energy centers conducive to meditation and healing.

Made with bronzed glass and metal exteriors, guest atriums have views of the surrounding landscape, accessible via a curtain-controlling remote.

With so much natural beauty around us, I’m grateful to stay at Ambiente, A Landscape Hotel. Not only is the 3-acre, adults-only hotel beautifully situated— close to the city’s hikes, downtown area and iconic rock formations (Steamboat, Chimney, Coffee Pot and Snoopy) —the elegant minimal design is meant to maximize views and respect the environment. In fact, when the hotel was built, Simon and Chris Bosman of Sedona Water Features—following the master plan by designed by Krizan Associates—aimed to save as many native trees as possible. And flowing through the property are ancient natural waterways that the design team brought back to life.

The lobby at Ambiente, A Landscape Hotel. Co-owner Jennifer May describes the hotel’s design as “modern minimalist meets earthy and elemental, all within a luxurious, moody, romantic setting.”

As we head to our room, my husband and I take in the 40 stand-alone guest accommodations, all called atriums. Developed by Sedona-based Two Sister Bosses and designed by a team of award-winning architects, including Stephen Thompson of Architect Studio and ASUL Architects, the hotel’s glass and metal cubes blend beautifully into the environment, letting Sedona show off without competition. We explore our spacious digs and marvel at the comfortable bed and sofa, the generous shower and free-standing tub, and the overall earthy-glam look and feel. We head up to the rooftop—equipped with a fire pit and a lounger for two—and plan to revisit after dinner one night to take in what’s bound to be a clear and starry sky.

Over the next two days, we take advantage of everything the hotel has to offer. We lounge by the pool, and indulge in breakfast, lunch and dinner at Forty1, the hotel’s excellent restaurant that accommodated my dairy allergy perfectly. I slip away to the dramatically designed spa and have one of the best, most intuitive massages, following a 30-minute session in the Deep Sky Lounge, where I fully relax while listening to ambient music.

Located below the lobby, the petite spa packs a punch with excellent services in a glamorous and serene environment.

And when we have the itch to explore, the hotel staff makes it happen effortlessly. Communicating via text with the concierge and the front desk staff, we’re able to arrange trips to town (touristy, but we loved True West Hats and Native American Traders), drives to and from hikes (Airport Loop and Soldier Pass trails), and great outings for lunch (Chocola Tree Organic Oasis) and dinner (Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante).

But we’re truly the most relaxed and happy in our gorgeous atrium, a well-equipped and thoughtfully designed home base. Before leaving, my husband and I stay true to our word and spend part of the evening on our roof deck. Looking up, we see what seems like the entire universe—stars, planets and multiple satellites—pass by. I make a mental note to hold onto this quiet moment and form a memory that will always take me back to this special place.