Dallas-based interior designer Lisa Henderson (lisahendersoninteriors.com) has combined her love for travel, antiques and art to create a distinct approach that merges modern color with traditional style for clients all over the country. With her latest venture, Lisa Henderson Textiles, the writing is on the walls. Or better yet, on your sofa!

Design darling Lisa Henderson has made herself at home within the industry. PHOTO COURTESY OF LISA HENDERSON
Design darling Lisa Henderson has made herself at home within the industry. PHOTO COURTESY OF LISA HENDERSON

Can you describe the Lisa Henderson Interiors style?

Fresh, traditional and full of color!

How do you incorporate a client’s aesthetic into a project alongside your own?

The majority of my clients come to me because they have already seen and like my aesthetic. It’s very important to know what clients like to collect, where they enjoy traveling and their interests when starting a new project.

What are your favorite rooms to design?

My favorite room is an evolving answer that often varies by project. Sometimes it depends on the house, but if I have to choose one, my answer would be kids’ rooms. I find that kids’ rooms allow me to have fun and use color and are typically cozy at the same time.

We love Lisa Henderson Textiles. When can we see the new line?

We have new patterns coming soon! We absolutely love developing our textiles line and incorporating them into projects—the new patterns we have coming out are more multicolor prints.

Why did you decide to launch your own textile line?

I was always looking for different patterns to use, multicolor, mainly to help bring a room together. It ultimately led me to create my collection.

What new projects are you working on this fall that you’re excited about?

Along with finalizing new prints for the Lisa Henderson Textiles line, we have a couple of remodels in Dallas, Palm Beach and New York, as well as wrapping up an exciting new project in Palm Springs.


Are there any fall trends you are excited to incorporate into projects?

With the rising surge of entertaining at home, we have loved working with our clients to plan tabletops, tablecloths, etc. It’s something I have always had a passion for, and it’s been fun.

What new lines are you working with?

We love what Leah O’Connell Textiles is putting out. It’s so exciting to see dealers traveling again, and I cannot wait for them to begin bringing pieces back from Europe. I also love continuing to work with young showrooms in Dallas, like AF Home, which provides new resources to artisans.

What is next for Lisa Henderson Interiors?

We have big plans to carry out our textile line and continue adding to the collection.