Coutrney_Giles_Interiors,_Photographed_by_Emily_Followill.JPGDesigned by Courtney Giles Interiors, Photography by Emily Followill

For over 20 years, the team at Edgar-Reeves has provided countless lamps and lampshades to a variety of designers, decorators, and collectors worldwide. They have specialized in creating personalized lamps, both bespoke and from the collection offered at the store. Additionally, they have adapted European and American antiques, handcrafted pottery, architectural fragments, along with many other objects, into distinctive lamps that provide exclusive appeal to any room.


Kyle Stelling Interiors, Photography by Heidi Harris

As of early 2017, Edgar-Reeves transitioned to a new generation. Maggie and Matt Bailey purchased the store in hopes of carrying on the wonderful legacy started by its founders. Maggie has been a part of Edgar-Reeves since 2013. She previously held a number of roles within the retail and wholesale sides of the apparel business, but was looking for a new opportunity. It was at this time that Stephanie introduced her to the lighting industry and invited Maggie to join her team at Edgar-Reeves; she agreed and has never looked back.


Gathered Bedwyn, Blue Quartz Shade; Edgar-Reeves focuses on providing an array of high-quality lampshades in a variety of materials, sizes, shapes, and colors.

Today, Edgar-Reeves remains focused on providing an array of high-quality lampshades in a variety of materials, sizes, shapes, and colors. In addition, Edgar-Reeves continues to offer distinctive lamps, beautiful bell jars, and other hanging fixtures to compliment any space. If our existing lampshades don’t meet your needs, we are happy to custom make shades specific to your request. We carry a variety of fine fabrics in a number of colors and patterns or we can use your own material to truly personalize your custom shade.

Maggie_Bailey.jpgNo one in Atlanta knows more about the transformative power of light than Maggie Bailey, Owner

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