A chat with Nicholas Moriarty, founder of one of Chicago’s leading interior design firms, on what’s new, now and next in luxury home aesthetics.

Corocoran_Urban_Real_Estate_Digital_Article_Image_1.jpgLiving area designed by Nicholas Moriarty Interiors featuring calming green and blue tones. Photography by Jill Buckner.

With a client portfolio spanning Fortune 500 executives, national celebrities, artists, doctors and everyone in between, Chicago-based design firm Nicholas Moriarty Interiors is at the forefront of modern interior design. Thanks to founder Nicholas Moriarty’s keen eye for forward-thinking architecture as well as his client-focused approach, Nicholas is a trusted voice on what fresh design elements are currently transforming Chicago homes today.

‘Good’ interior design may be in the eye of the beholder, but what stands out to Nicholas and his clientele are living spaces that seamlessly incorporate timelessness and character. “There is an intelligence to design which can allow something to age gracefully, looking as good 20 years from now as it does today,” says Moriarty. “At Nicholas Moriarty Interiors, we envision every space we work on with as much of our client’s personality as possible in mind, while also thinking about longevity in design.”

Corocoran_Urban_Real_Estate_Digital_Article_Image_2.jpgKitchen designed by Nicholas Moriarty Interiors leveraging natural materials. Photography by Jill Buckner.

Nicholas highlights this appreciation for longevity that originated in the 1700’s, 1800’s and traditional mid-century era where company manufacturers ensured their products were not only suited for the present day, but the future as well. Nicholas recommends imagining your home as an ever-flexible canvas for you to sprinkle with perennially thoughtful design choices. After all, timeless interior design will always be in fashion.

In the day and age where we spend most of our time indoors, another approach to consider is integrating elements of nature into your home environment. From natural materials to adding fresh plants, there is an imbued ‘grounding’ sense to accessing these tangible components. “If a fireplace needs to be revamped or a kitchen needs fresh countertops, think of using raw materials. There’s plenty of artifice in this world; let’s create more touch points with the feeling of nature since it’s so good for us,” says Moriarty.

Corocoran_Urban_Real_Estate_Digital_Article_Image_3.jpgThe stunning interior architecture of Corcoran Urban Real Estate’s penthouse loft duplex at 1800 W. Grace St., Unit 519T. Photography by Jill Tiongco Photography.

Another option Nicholas recommends is fusing calming colors like blue or green into your surroundings. He notes these natural colors are known for their mental health benefits due to the fact that they are soothing and ‘easier on the eye.’ Blue or green can be featured in your upholstered furniture, kitchen cabinetry or splashed across your painted walls.

The pandemic caused many of us to stay at home more often, thus allowing us to reflect on who we are and the strong ties we have to our own living spaces. While Nicholas often works within the luxury design realm with a flexible budget in mind, he emphasizes the importance of spending money wisely on what you find to be meaningful. “Choose to invest in customized furniture tailored to your own home design intent rather than follow the market’s regurgitation of previous trends,” says Moriarty. With a recent resurgence in the overlapping of styles and design philosophies, he encourages clients to dare to break away from interior fads and re-discover a love for beautiful pieces unique to their own design ethos.

Corocoran_Urban_Real_Estate_Digital_Article_Image_4.jpgThe chic loft space in 1800 W. Grace St., Unit 519T accented by plants to imbue a ‘grounding’ sense of nature in the home. Photography by Jill Tiongco Photography.

On the topic of meaningful long-term investments, the qualities of timelessness, natural elements and customized design that Nicholas endorses are all on stylish display in a North Center penthouse loft duplex currently on the market from Corcoran Urban Real Estate. “My favorite aspect of 1800 W. Grace St., Unit 519T is the architecture of it. There is an innate interior architectural presence in the home that distinguishes it from typical Chicago homes. From the beams to the various layers and ceiling levels, this property's design level is beyond what's offered in the Chicago real estate market."

To see more of this home, visit Corcoran.com.

Corocoran_Urban_Real_Estate_Digital_Article_Image_5.jpgAn example of timeless interior design found in 1800 W. Grace St., Unit 519T. Photography by Jill Tiongco Photography.