With a mutual love for modern design, it’s no wonder LeTricia Wilbanks and Selena Mackay embarked on a collaborative journey together. The dynamic duo met in 2018 and shortly afterward co-founded The WM, a design firm that transforms clients' appointed environments into spaces of enhanced productivity and pleasure. Each interior styled by Wilbanks and Mackay is intended to evoke emotion, allure and be a personification of its client. These principal designers’ uniquely creative approach has garnered them acclaim from residential and commercial clients alongside industry recognition nationally as well as overseas.

The success of this Houston-based firm can be attributed to its co-founders emphasis on teamwork. “We believe two minds are better than one, that no idea is too big, and with passion, persistence and a time of radical candor, anything is possible,” says the co-founders. And as their business continues to hit record breaking metrics, Wilbanks and Mackay believe these stats are not only a testament to their exemplary portfolio, but to how they individually challenge themselves. “As designers, it is our duty to serve our clients while also pushing the limits of our own creative vision in every project.”


An exciting new business partnership has been announced between The WM and Layne Kelly Homes. Houston’s elite custom home building firm’s founder Bradley Smith partakes in Wilbanks and Mackay’s passion for impeccable architecture and craftsmanship. In conjunction with JD Bartell, a renowned architectural designer, the businesses will combine their expertise to execute luxury turn-key homes within Houston’s expanding real estate market. The WM’s current joint venture is being closely followed by Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing and Architectural Digest.

To learn more about The WM, visit online at the-wm.com or on Instagram @wilbanksmackay.