For Hampden Design and Construction, an award-winning Newton-based general contracting firm, their number one objective is that clients feel comfortable in their homes. Most of Hampden's business consists of residential projects – either renovation of rooms within an existing footprint or additions that blend seamlessly with a client's current home. When they embark on a new project, their client's requests often center around their space no longer working for them. Sometimes they don't have the luxury of expanding the footprint, while other times, they do. Hampden's commitment to quality, value, and customer satisfaction ensures that its clients feel a sense of comfort and livability in their homes when the job is complete.

Working Within the Existing Footprint


There are many cases where homeowners need a space that works better for them but need to work within the home's current footprint. For one of Hampden's projects, an otherwise traditional home in Newton, MA, underwent a complete kitchen renovation, transforming the space to feel modern, more spacious, and completely different, but keeping within the home's existing footprint. To open the space and create better flow, Hampden removed walls that were encroaching on the area.


This same space also held a door leading into the basement. Restructuring the stairs from the landing above, instead of below allowed the Hampden team to remove those walls and reposition the basement door, creating an open floor plan that better works for the family. Since the remainder of the home had a weighty wood feel, warm woods and a few modern touches were incorporated into the space. The end result was a design that flowed seamlessly with the rest of the home.


Adding the Necessary Space


In other situations, homeowners realize that their current space is just not working for them, and creating more space is the only option. A recently completed major renovation and addition by Hampden in Newton showcases the goal of creating much-needed additional space for an active family of seven. Hampden added a second entrance leading into a mudroom and half bath to make a better entry point on the main level. The kitchen was completely reconfigured. It now opens up to the dining area for a seamless flow between the two spaces. A double-sided fireplace extends views from end to end. All the bedrooms now live on the second floor, including a new primary bedroom and bathroom and a landing that anchors all the rooms, featuring a stunning spiral staircase and space for the kids to gather for homework.


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