Sandra Diaz-Velasco

Miami - Principal architect for Eolo Design

What first sparked your interest in architecture and design? My grandfather, who created magnificent handmade structures, inspired me.

How would you describe your aesthetic? I value historic styles and traditions deeply and I reference them in my projects.

What is a design trend you are loving at the moment? We began using natural wood, matte black everywhere, satin gold metal for some years now, and I see these expressions being used more.

Who are some of your favorite ‘secret’ sources for projects? Sources that I find on my travels. And I love to share those.

Wallpaper or paint? Both

Antique or reproduction? I prefer being authentic and true to the character of a style.

What is your favorite color palette to use in projects currently? White in all its shades is amazing.

What is a timeless design moment that you think will never go out of style? Vintage modern

What is the best bang for the buck when it comes to making a big impact on a project? Home conveniences like entertainment and technology.

What do you wish more of your clients understood? I wish clients would understand good design takes time. It’s a process, and the more we communicate, the results will always be successful.