Michael Ferzoco

Boston - Principal, Eleven Interiors

What first sparked your interest in interior design? A childhood friend lived in a home with an interior that was nothing like anything I’d ever seen. It was eye-opening to me that people actually lived like that. I wanted to be at that house, surrounded by all those beautiful things, all the time... I didn’t understand it then, but as I grew up, I realized what it was all about: Your environment has a direct effect on how feel, think and perceive the rest of the world.

What is a design trend you are loving at the moment? Zellige tiles along with screens and room dividers in myriad materials.

What is a design trend that you are so over? Maximalism, because, quite frankly, there is a point when enough is enough!

How would you describe your aesthetic? My personal sense of aesthetic, from fashion to interiors, is "casual masculine with an edge."

What is the best bang for the buck when it comes to making a big impact on a project? An abundance of natural light and amazing light fixtures.

What do you wish your clients understood? That it takes time to create a truly unique interior space—from concept to drawings, through construction and, finally, to furnishings.