Mark Candelaria

Scottsdale - Principal and Founder of Candelaria Design Associates

Where do you draw your inspiration? Travel, reading and meditation.

What do you wish more of your clients understood? How much these projects mean to us. We invest so much of our blood, sweat, passion and soul into every project, and I think sometimes some clients just think it is a job to us.

What are some of the brands you gravitate toward and why? I am currently working with GE Monogram and their beautiful, high-quality kitchen equipment. I love the look, feel and quality of their equipment. I love to cook, and their product always treats me right.

Which iconic designer/ architect is your idol? Renowned architect Ken Tate from Mississippi. He is an amazing person. His publications and books are fabulous and very inspiring.

What’s trending in Phoenix/Scottsdale design right now? Good architecture and good design. It doesn’t matter what style of architecture we are talking about. All of the good architects and designers I know here in Arizona are all pushing the bar higher—the homes being designed in Arizona are some of the best in the country.

Favorite design city? I love visiting so many places and being inspired by all of the diversity of design. Some of my favorites would be New York, London and Barcelona.

Favorite building in the world? Sagrada Familia in Barcelona—it’s beyond this world and has taken 100 years to build.

The future of architecture is... Endless—it will evolve based on new technology, the way people live and our changing environment. I think we will all need to learn to minimize and miniaturize. With virtual reality and artificial intelligence, we will be able to live in vast virtual environments of endless magnitude and experience.

Favorite room in your house right now? My kitchen. I love to cook and have people over to chill, enjoy great food and, most importantly, connect.