Lauren Nelson

San Anselmo - Owner & Principal, Lauren Nelson Design

How would you describe your aesthetic? In general, our aesthetic is clean and modern, with nods to tradition and an emphasis on warmth and tactile materials.

What design trend are you loving at the moment? Zellige tile as the new subway tile. It’s been popular for several years now, but it’s so subtle and beautiful in any space that I don’t think I’ll tire of it for some time.

What design trend are you so over? I think I’ve seen enough mudcloth pillows for a while.

How do you weave your sense of style into everything you do? It has to be comfortable if I’m going to wear it. Our interiors are similar in that we want every space to be used and enjoyed. We never aim to create a room so precious that no one sits in it.

What is your favorite color palette to use in projects currently? I’m historically a blue-green person, but I’ve been loving warmer hues the last a couple of years: ochre, terra-cotta, dusty rose, apricot, cream tones.

What is a timeless design moment you think will never go out of style? Joseph Dirand’s Paris apartment—it has inspired so many of our own projects and thousands of designers around the world. He is a master of blending minimalism with classicism in perfect harmony.

What is the best bang for the buck when it comes to making a big impact on a project? Investing in at least one key piece per room with major design chops (often a vintage lounge chair, table or light fixture) that serves as the focal point of a room, while balancing the budget in other areas, goes a long way.