Kara Mann

Chicago - Founder and creative director

What sparked your interest in design? I worked as a photo stylist after college and found myself wanting to do more than just style a space created by someone else. I wanted to create the actual space. So, I went back to school to study interiors, and here I am.

What has been the key to your success? Head down, work hard, stay true.

How would you describe your aesthetic? Nothing should feel too precious. Design should be lived in yet chic.

What is your favorite color palette? Layers of moody neutrals with a hit of leopard.

Wallpaper or paint? I’ll never say no to wallpaper.

Antique or modern? I always need both!

What design trend are you loving at the moment? It doesn’t seem to be the trend these days, but I will always stand by ‘less is more.’

What design trend do you wish would go away? I really try not to get caught up in trends.

Who are some of your favorite “secret” sources for projects? They’re secrets for a reason!

What’s the best bang for the buck to make a big impact on a project? Lighting. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but it does need to be layered.

What do you wish more of your clients understood? Timelines.


Photography by: Photo by Katrina Wittkamp, Photo on wall by Marilyn Minter