Jessica Davis

Atlanta - Owner and creative director of Nest Studio Collection and Atelier Davis

Davis is the owner and creative director of Nest Studio Collection and Atelier Davis.; PHOTO BY AARON GRANT PHOTOGRAPHY

What’s your elevator pitch? I design beautiful decorative hardware and interiors that are classic and modern with a touch of whimsy.

What’s one thing people might not know about you and your work? I am a total plant nerd. I have this ridiculously long list on my phone of plants that I love.

What timeless design moment do you think will never go out of style? Art deco for sure. The lines are clean but there is still some ornamentation that keeps it interesting.

Do you have a “signature” that you always incorporate into a project? I was an art history major and still try to do some painting in my downtime (ha!), so I always love incorporating statement art into my designs.

What do you wish more of your clients understood? Not every piece has to be a standout, and not everything needs to match. In order for a space to be interesting, it’s all about balance and leading the eye around.

Antique or modern? Vintage modern for sure. You don’t have to buy new things just because you want a modern aesthetic.