Describe what you do. We are architects of the landscape and garden.

What first sparked your interest in landscape architecture? In high school, I saw a master plan for an abandoned gravel pit that turned it into recreation with camping and sledding hills. I saw that I could take a worthless piece of ground and turn it into something amazing.

What has been the key to your success? I have a strong work ethic; I’m ambitious, very curious and creative.

How would you describe your aesthetic? We have to be chameleons because we work with the architecture of the building, but my aesthetic is naturalistic, picturesque, understated and timeless.

What are some of your favorite “secret” sources for projects? I love to find neglected old nurseries for hidden gems, like a tree that’s windswept. Most nurseries grow perfect trees, so I’m looking for planned indifference.

Hardscape or softscape? For the biggest impact, it’s horticulture every time. I like to say, green over gray!

What’s your favorite color palette? In shade, it’s all forms and textures and greens. But in the sun, I go with layers of hotter colors. I like exuberance.

What do you wish more of your clients understood? You have to spend money on things you never see, like soil husbandry and drainage. It’s expensive and not flashy, but gardens need good drainage and soil to bring delight and joy.