Don Easterling and Nina Nash Long

Atlanta - Senior interior designers and buyers for Mathews Design Group, part of Mathews Furniture Design.

What’s your elevator pitch?NNL: We have been design partners now for over 10 years, and while we both have specific strengths we bring to the table, we are constantly evolving and learning from each other. We have plenty to keep us busy between clients and residential projects within Mathews Design Group and traveling the globe to source for high-end retail store Mathews Furniture + Design.

How would you describe your aesthetic in three words?DE: Classic, traditional, English

What trend are you loving?NNL: People are embracing pattern and color a lot more. The ‘grandmillennial’ trend is something I’m loving, with the comeback of wicker, ruffles, bullion, wallpaper and skirted tables. I’m still doing baby steps but have been incorporating more and more of it lately.

What trend are you over?DE: I prefer the classics, updated so they’re not stale, but you can’t go wrong with what’s tried and true.

What do you wish more of your clients understood?NNL: I wish more clients understood that good design can take time; we can’t whip together a room in a few days.

Antique or modern?DE: 100% antique! No room is complete without at least something old, whether it be a little painting, mirror or English tea caddie.

1240 W. Paces Ferry Road NW