What first sparked your interest in interiors? I remember designing my first home at 12—a floor plan of a log cabin I dreamed of building. I can still mentally tour through the two-bedroom vaulted ceiling design to this day.

How would you describe your aesthetic? Truthful materials and simple forms in asymmetrically-balanced composition.

What is a design trend you are loving? There is a resurgence of the use of vintage pieces to add layers and stories to a project, which I love!

And a trend you are ready to be over? Modern farmhouse; calacatta countertops; gray and white.

What is your favorite color palette currently? Black and cream.

What is the best bang for your buck when it comes to making a big impact? Invest in some strong pieces. Think “curating” not “buying.” Well-made pieces will last for decades.

What are some of the brands you gravitate toward and why? Bulthaup kitchens are shaping the way we live in this part of the home. Living Divani is one of my favorite Italian brands.

Which iconic designer/architect is your idol? I am in love with Zaha Hadid.

Favorite room in your house right now? My treehouse. My friends and I have shared so many moments there, from brainstorming to giggling.

Most prized possession… “Cozy,” my vintage 1971 Greyhound bus that I fully remodeled with a rock star vibe to be ready for adventure.

Currently coveting… Charles Paris lamps designed by Jacques Charles. They are an iconic design from the 1970s. Pretty please!