With the opening of NB Shop, Natasha Baradaran (natashabaradaran.com) takes the next step in her design evolution.

Designer Natasha Baradaran at NB Shop on La Cienega Photographed by Stephen Busken
Designer Natasha Baradaran at NB Shop on La Cienega

Congratulations on the new showroom! What was the impetus for opening, and why now?

I believe in constantly improving, challenging, and evolving. As my design studio has evolved from a sole focus on interior design over the last decade to adding furniture, textiles and home accessories, we have naturally grown into the need to show the work in a more holistic, experiential way. We were already looking for spaces around town without a date in mind. But timing is everything—when the storefront below our studio became available, I knew we had to take it.

How would you describe the look and feel of the space?

NB Shop is a reflection of who I am today as a creative—a total experience of my interior design, furniture and textile collections that are experienced all-in-one, with sprinklings of vintage pieces that I am drawn to. I think it exudes a sophisticated, casual elegance that is a through line in my design work and done so in a palette that really speaks to me—dusty rose, creams, and blush tones. It’s a total sensory experience. It’s a place to experience our products, feel our fabrics and smell our jasmine-scented Persian Garden candle while we play my favorite disco-era deep tracks.

Your most recent fabric launch, Persian Garden, was so personal. Please tell us a bit about it.

Even though I was born in Los Angeles, there is no doubt that Southern California living and how people live in Iran today is very different. However, as I have explored my own story, I see a connection between how important outdoor living and, more specifically, the significance of the garden is for both cultures. I decided to delve deeper into what that means to me. The textiles in Persian Garden are inspired by nature, from tree bark, streams and fresh-cut grass, as well as the architecture of the places that surround some of the most spectacular gardens of Iran.

What are some of your proudest career moments?

I am lucky to say that I have so many. The launch of my vegan Livwell cactus leather—not only because I experimented with materiality not really used in the world of interiors but also because it means so much to my children. My daughters have inspired me to be more sustainably conscious as a human being. The opening of NB Shop: After all of these years designing interiors and products, this is the first time I have been able to create an entire experience of my own world. Showing my furniture collection during Salone del Mobile in Milan, a place I would visit my grandfather often as a child and where I was first introduced to design. Surviving breast cancer and coming out the other side more capable of pursuing my creative vision. Some of the most successful pieces in both my furniture and textile collections were designed when I was going through treatment. It was this work that helped me get through this di cult time in my life.

How does living in L.A. inspire your work and aesthetic?

I love how the artistic scene in Los Angeles is more and more about so many different voices and trends, as opposed to one predominant design style. Being surrounded by that encourages me to take risks and try new things, not only as an interior designer but also in my world of product design. I have learned to stop trying to be all things for all people, but more importantly, create what is organic for me, and those who are like-minded will be attracted to that essence.

What are you currently working on that you’re excited about?

I am excited about how NB Shop is giving me a space to continue to experiment with something new in my design world—a laboratory in a sense. [Next up] we are looking to see how we can integrate our textiles into the world of fashion. Stay tuned.