Known for his glamorous gowns, Christian Siriano is now bringing his dramatic style sensibility to the home with the launch of Christian Siriano Interiors. Here, we poll the frock star for the inside scoop.


When did your interest in interiors first spark? I have always been interested in interiors—even when I was a kid, I loved shopping for furniture with my mother. Actually a lot of my clothing collections have been inspired by interior design, and I have used interior fabrics in a few collections recently.

What projects are you working on now? We have some exciting new projects in the works. Hotels, private resort homes, a few chic homes in Connecticut, New York and Brooklyn—and our first restaurant design. Our most exciting news is the launch of a larger furniture collection, which will be available very soon on

How does your interiors aesthetic relate to or differ from your fashion aesthetic? I just don’t approach it the same way, which is nice. I like my interior spaces to be a bit more clean with modern lines and sharp silhouettes. My clothing has a lot of color and volume. But I do take inspiration from the past like the ’50s and ’60s in both—and fabrics are very important in my work no matter what it’s for.

What elements of your fashion background have been useful in your interiors work? I have a full workroom that can make pillows, textiles, window coverings, etc. We have such an extensive knowledge about fabrics and what they do, how they look under certain light or how they work in a certain setting. We have a huge library of fabrics and color chips and tons of data about how color can make a person feel. I also have worked with every type of client possible, so my team is really used to the hands-on client satisfaction part of the design process, which is very hard to teach. Not to mention a nice list of celebrity clients that might need an interior makeover soon!

What is your design mantra? Make sure you take care of your home just as much as you care for your skin or what you put in your body. Having a beautiful space to relax in or call your own can only make you feel confident and powerful when you wake up every morning to start your day.