Hidden cabinets under a bartop for additional storage are a popular design choice among Dove Studio’s clients.

Remodeling a kitchen can be a challenging feat. With an abundance of interior design choices to consider, you may wonder which trends are here to stay. Dove Studio, an Atlanta-based kitchen and bath design team, is here to guide you through the remodeling process and ensure your interior style is brought to life in every aspect of the home.

Designers Stephanie Elder and Jenny Lyons of Dove Studio both have a discerning eye for emerging kitchen trends. "We have experience in all areas of the industry and can pull from the knowledge to make the [remodeling] process more seamless," Elder shares.

Dove Studio’s partnership with luxury cabinet line Wood Mode makes their designers a reliable source to share three kitchen cabinetry trends that may inspire a makeover for the heart of your home. Read on to see which styles the designers are loving right now.

Bold Finishes


The island's dark cabinetry finishes add contrast to an all-white kitchen.

The designers often incorporate bold cabinet designs such as unexpected colors, textures and materials for a revamped kitchen look.

Should you prefer darker finishes, Wood Mode colors like Mossy Green and Vintage Blue Toile render a dramatic yet cozy flair to the kitchen. "I am currently loving all the dark moody colors mixed with stained wood," Lyons shares.

Elder, on the other hand, is a fan of more vibrant cabinetry hues like Wood Mode's Deep Sky. "I love the use of those [wood tones] with fresh, bold paint colors."

Open Design


This sleek kitchen prioritizes open shelving by minimizing wall cabinetry.

For clients who desire a more spacious feel, Dove Studio advises an open kitchen with minimal obstructions. To achieve this minimalist design, Elder and Lyons utilize hidden storage solutions that declutter and streamline a kitchen's layout.

Pantry and corner pull outs or tall cabinet pull downs can discreetly store your small appliances and food, leaving the kitchen with a cleaner look. An added bonus? Elder notes these cabinetry options keep you from having to crawl inside your cabinets to get items out.



Achieve a modernized look through minimal cabinetry and an open kitchen layout.

A growing trend with staying power is modernizing your kitchen with user-friendly, cabinet accessories. The Dove Studio designers regularly install soft-close hinges to ensure cabinet door frames quietly close as well as hidden lighting to illuminate a kitchen's displayed items.

Visiting the Dove Studio showroom is encouraged, as you'll be able to view all the cabinet accessory options up close and with the help of a specialist. "We have many fun accessories you might not know about and find you actually can't live without," says Paul Castell, the owner of Dove Studio.

To learn more about Dove Studio and Wood Mode, visit, or stop by their showroom at the ADAC West Buckhead Studio.